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Lisrel 8.30 and Prelis 2 are available in Unix, in some hosts in the DCE/DFS systems (seldon, hardin and mule).

The student version of Lisrel 8.30 for Windows is free.


Lisrel is software for confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. Lisrel is particularly designed to accomodate models that include latent variables, measurement errors in both dependent and independent variables, reciprocal causation, simultaneity, and interdependence.

Prelis is a companion program that serves as a pre-processor for Lisrel. It is used for calculating sample correlation and covariance matrices from raw data, and for estimating asymptotic covariances.

Vendor information

Scientific Software International
7383 N Lincoln Ave, Suite 100
Lincolnwood, IL 60712-1704
Phone: (800) 247-6113 or (847) 675-0720


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Running Lisrel

Both Lisrel and Prelis in Unix are batch programs. Interactive graphics are not supported.

To submit a Lisrel or Prelis program, use the following commands:

lisrel8 inputfile outputfile -NOIO &

prelis2 inputfile outputfile prelis_log -NOIO &

Where "inputfile" is the Lisrel or Prelis command file; "outputfile" is the output file. The "-NOIO" option tells Lisrel or Prelis not to write progress messages to the console (screen).

Examples and solutions

Online examples can be found in the DCE hosts in the following path:


Additional examples can be found in the vendor's web site. See also the links below.

Manuals available at Research Computing

Hard copies:

  • J�reskorg, Karl & Dag S�rbom, LISREL 8: User's Reference Guide. SSI Scientific Software International, 2001.
  • J�reskorg, Karl & Dag S�rbom, PRELIS 2: User's Reference Guide. SSI Scientific Software International, 2002
  • J�reskorg, Karl & Dag S�rbom, LISREL 8: Structural Equation Modeling with the SIMPLIS Command Language. SSI Scientific Software International, 1993

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