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KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. (KLD) is the leading authority on social research for institutional investors. To meet the needs of social investors, KLD provides research, benchmarks, compliance, and consulting services analogous to those provided by financial research service firms. KLD has been providing research products and services to the financial services market since 1988. Featuring the largest corporate social research staff in the world, KLD produces high-quality consistent research that institutions have come to rely on. In 1990 KLD created the Domini 400 SocialSM Index (DS 400 Index), a socially screened, capitalization-weighted index of 400 common stocks. The DS 400 is recognized as the first social investment benchmark. In January 2001, KLD launched the Broad Market SocialSM Index (KLD BMS Index) in response to market demands for a wider universe of socially screened equities. The KLD BMS Index is the most extensive socially screened benchmark to date. Also in January 2001, KLD launchedthe Large Cap SocialSM Index (KLD LCS Index), which tracks the performance of the largest socially screened US equities, based on market capitalization.

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KLD Research & Analytics
KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.
121 High Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 426-5270
Fax: (617) 426-5299

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