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UNIX: Fortran is a available in all the University's Unix systems. Both skew3 and WRDS have installed the Sun Workshop compilers (f77 and f90). The DCE/DFS systems run Hewlett Packard's compilers.

A Northwestern University site license makes Sun's Forte 6 Developer available to Unix desktops and Intel workstations (running Solaris as operating system) in the domain. Forte 6 includes Fortran, C and C++ compilers for Unix workstations; the Intel version does not include Fortran.

Microsoft Windows: There is no version licensed by Kellogg or Northwestern. The GNU Projects "g77" (Fortran 77) is installed with CYGWIN, a UNIX-like environment for Windows, which can be downloaded for free.

Free PGI Fortran offer: Now through 30 June 2011, PGI is offering a single-user node-locked license to PGI Visual Fortran� (PVF�) at no cost. Learn more at


Fortran (from FORmula TRANslation) is a high-level programming language used mainly in scientific and mathematical computing. The language dates back to 1957; the most used standards are Fortran 77 (1980) and Fortran 90 (1991).

Compiling Fortran programs

Examples and solutions

Manuals and vendor documentation

Sun Solaris manuals from the SunWorkshop collection:

Additional references from Sun:

HP-UX 10.x Fortran 90 manuals:

HP's online documentation site

Learning Fortran

Fortran libraries


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