KPTSA is the student organization that addresses part-time student concerns and acts as a liaison between students and The PTMBA administration. It is also the student organization that organizes many program and activities to ensure that getting your degree from Kellogg is filled with opportunities to have fun and get to know other students, faculty, and administration outside the classroom. 

2014-2015 KPTSA Candidates' Applications Now Available for Review
Elections will run from Monday, April 7 - Saturday, April 12.  Results will be announced on Monday, April 14th. 

KPTSA 2013-2014 Board

President Vice President- Academics
Olga Katon     Leslie Huelat

Vice President- Alumni Relations      Vice President- Community Relations
Jon Bliese     Alex Blackstock
Vice President- Diversity & Inclusion     Vice President- Finance
Steven McKessey     Scot Zoellick
Vice President- Graduation     Vice President- Managers' Ball
Hank Thompson     Phillip Besoiu
Vice President- Resources     Vice President- Social
Sarah Parisi     Brandon Windham
Kellogg Kohorts Representative
Thanu Ratanarajah