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If you were not able to attend a career workshop, see below to view the video and/or access handouts!

On-Campus Recruiting: Industry and Function Trends - April 20, 2013
Career Coaches from both the PTMBA and FTMBA CMC office present the current outlook for on-campus recruiting so that you can decide if registering for On-Campus Recruiting makes sense for you. The FTMBA coaches share recent data and trends in on-campus recruiting to help you gain insight into what employers are currently looking for from the students they interview on campus.
Presentation (pdf)

Industry Presentations:
Consulting (pdf)
CPG, Retail and High Tech (pdf) 
CPG, Retail, and High Tech handout (xls)
Investment Banking and Corporate Finance (pdf)
Leadership Development (pdf)
Additional Resource: Insight from Luis Berruga (KSM '12)

Know What You Want, but Stuck in Your Search - April 23, 2013
If you are feeling a little stuck in a job search and want some ideas to get you on the right track, this is the workshop for you.

Video: Watch here

Professional Relationship Building Fall 2012 Series

Introduction to Networking- October 19, 2012
Lays the ground work for the basic principles behind building a great foundation of professional relationships.

Part I Video: click here
Part II Video: click here

Deepening Your Network: Developing Thriving Relationships for Life- October 29, 2012
Covers some tips and techniques on how to take an introductory conversations beyond the small talk and into “talking shop.” This workshop provides you with a better sense of how networking and forging strong professional relationship can become second nature.

Video: click here

Reverse Your Network – November 13, 2012
Want to be a good resource for others, but aren’t sure you have the time? Unsure of what you have to offer? Wondering, “what’s in it for me?” The last of our Professional Relations Building series will walk through ten tips to help you be a good resource for others while also outlining the benefit in doing so. Reversing Your Network and being a resource for others is another powerful way to build up a strong professional network.

Video: click here

So, You Want to Be an Independent Consultant? - March 7, 2012
Our panel of independent consultants will discuss the nuts and bolts of launching and running an independent consulting practice.
Moderated by Karie Davis, Kellogg Alumni Career Services

Video: click here

OCR Information Session- January 27, 2012
There are many career resources available to Part-Time MBA students here at Kellogg. One of them is the use of on-campus recruiting offered to full-time and some part-time students each fall.

Video: click here

Advancing to the C-Suite- October 27, 2011
Come hear prominent alumni talk about how they have navigated their career paths and what steps they have taken to rise to the top of their profession.

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Fall 2010 Series: Managing Your Career

Promote Yourself from Within- November 12, 2010
Getting ahead within your current company can be just as daunting as an external job search. Learn some techniques to overcome obstacles and manage your career internally. Presented by: PTMBA Career Coaches

Video: click here

Presentation (.ppt)
Worksheet (.pdf)

The Hidden Job Market with Daniel Porot- November 10, 2010
The other hidden job market…where you are approached! Nurturing your visibility through the V.I.P. approach; using social networks to your advantage; discovering why networking is not …always working. Daniel Porot is one of Europe's leading pioneers in Career Design and Job Hunting with more than 30 years of experience.

Video: click here

Five People to Approach on the Hidden Market (pdf)
Visibility: Implementing an Efficient Strategy (pdf)
Six Ways to Approach the Hidden Market (pdf)

Career Goal Setting: The How, What & Why- October 22, 2010
Spend some time thinking through your career plans and learn some strategies to actively manage your career now and for the rest of your professional career. Presented by Bob Langewisch & Denny Reigle, PTMBA Career Coaches

Video: Click here
Presentation (.ppt)

Past Workshops

Ready or Not, Here You Come: A Turbo Crash Course in Job Hunting
More than a general overview of job search basics, this workshop focuses on actions you should take in anticipation of a potential job loss as well as key considerations and steps you should take if/when you need to embark on an unplanned job search.
Turbo Crash Course: Part 1
Turbo Crash Course: Part 2

Workshop Handouts:
Turbo Crash Course in Job Hunting presentation
One Hundred Jobs Exercises (doc)
Self Assessment Workplan (xls)
Networking Questions (doc)
Executive Search Firms (doc)
Contact log (xls)
Telephone Tipsheet (pdf)
Resume Template (doc)
IV Prep Matrix (xls)
Progress Tracker (xls)
Linked In Tip Sheet (pdf)
Interview Questions (doc)


Linkedin Part I: Maximizing Your Profile
Matthew Temple, Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development, Kellogg School of Management
Watch webinar

LinkedIn Part II: Leveraging Advanced Search
Matthew Temple, Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development, Kellogg School of Management
Watch webinar

Making Innovation Happen at Established Organizations - April 30, 2013
Robert C. Wolcott, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN), Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Kellogg School of Management
Watch webinar

Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?
Linda Darragh, Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative and Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice
Watch webinar

The Crucial First 100 Days of Leadership in a New Role – February 20, 2013
Scott Hamilton, President & CEO, Executive Next Practices Institute; co-founder, ALLIGN
Watch Webinar 
100 Day Personal Plan (pdf) 
100 Day Personal Plan CEO Case Study (pdf)

Moving Up, Not Out – January 17, 2013
Karie Davis, Career Coach, Kellogg Alumni Career Services and Jill Clouse, PTMBA Career Coach

Video: click here

Standing Out in the Digital Crowd– December 11, 2012
Discussion with Jason Seiden, KSM ’02, CEO, Ajax Workforce Marketing

Watch webinar

Do Online Job Applications Keep Americans Unemployed? – November 13, 2012
Discussion with Nick Corcodilos of

Watch webinar

Defending Your Brand – October 16, 2012
Presented by Professor Tim Calkins, Kellogg School of Management
Watch webinar

Preparing for Interviewing: Utilizing a Framework for Success - September 27, 2012
Presented by Adnan Rukieh, KSM ‘85, Director of Career Services for EMBA and PTMBA programs 

Watch webinar

Do Nothing! How to Stop Over-managing and Become a Great Leader - June 27, 2012
Presented by Keith Murnighan, the Harold H. Hines Jr. Distinguished Professor of Risk Management at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Watch webinar

The Introvert's Guide to Success in Business and Leadership - May 17, 2012
Presented by Sasha Strauss, Founder, Innovation Protocol

Watch webinar

Branding You - April 10, 2012
Presented by Lisa Petrilli, Chief Executive Officer, C-Level Strategies and author of the eBook The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership

Watch webinar

Outthink the Competition - February 23, 2012
Presented by Kaihan Krippendorff, author, Outthink the Competition

Watch webinar

Marketing and Media in a Connected World - January 12, 2012
Presented by Professor Mohan Sawhney

Watch webinar
Presentation (pdf)

Who Gets Promoted, WHo Doesn't, and Why - December 8, 2011
Donald Asher, author, Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn't, and Why

Watch webinar

Navigating Your Career: Moving Up Without Falling Down - November 15, 2011
Linda Balkin, Principal, ARC Leadership Associates

Watch webinar

Negotiating Your Job Offer - October 13, 2011
Matthew Temple, Director, Kellogg Alumni Career Services

Watch webinar

Market Like Beckham even if You Can't Bend It Like Beckham - September 13, 2011
Gordon Kane, KSM '86, Founder of Victory Sports

Watch webinar

What You Can Gain from a Nonprofit Board Experience - August 10, 2011
Liz Livingston Howard, Associate Director of Kellogg's Center for Nonprofit Management

Watch webinar

Using Social Media to Drive Job and Consulting Opportunities- June 8, 2011
Christopher S. Rollyson, Managing Director, CSRA Inc

Watch webinar

High-Growth Entrepreneurship: Now is the Time! - May 5, 2011
Professor Steve Rogers

Watch webinar

Managing Multicultural Teams- April 5, 2011
Professor Jeanne Brett

Watch webinar

Reinventing Your Career: Figuring Out What's Next, Matthew Temple and Adnan Rukieh February 10, 2011

Watch webinar

Creating Your Company List- October 7, 2010
What to consider when creating a list of companies you would like to research.

Watch webinar

Negotiating: Achieving Success at the Bargaining Table January 14, 2010
Professor Adam Galinsky

Watch webinar


American City Business Journals - Watch our video on how to access American City Business Journals and the annual Book of Lists

Business Source Premier - Watch a quick video on how to access Harvard Business Review in Business Source Premier

Capital IQ - View our brief screencasts on Finding PE Firms, Finding VC Firms, or Finding Recently Funded Start-ups

Factiva - View a brief tutorial on how to access recent company and industry news 

First Research - Watch a video to learn how to search for industry segment reports

Glassdoor - Watch our tutorials on how to search for interview information and how to search for salary data

Hoovers - Watch short videos for an overview of Hoovers and creating a target company list 

IPREO Bigdough - Watch a brief tutorial on how to quickly search the database for people or firms

Jigsaw - View a tutorial on how to find company contacts in Jigsaw

Kellogg Alumni Directory - View a short tutorial on how to search the Alumni Directory most effectively

SimplyHired - Job search aggregator, combs the web for jobs on job boards and company websites 

Thomson Research - Watch videos on finding analyst reports and finding earnings call transcripts

Vault - Watch a short screencast on how to access Vault company rankings and a screencast on how to access Vault career and industry guides.


Student Insights

An Interview with Luis Berruga: Best Practices for a Job Search:
Click here to hear some lessons learned and best practices for a job search from recent PT graduate, Luis Berruga.

An Interview with Bria Day: The Art of Networking:  
Click here to hear some lessons learned and best practices for networking effectively for a job search and beyond by fellow PTMBA classmate, Bria Day.