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Tuition & Payment

Students in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program pay for classes on a per-credit basis as the classes are taken. Students pay for credits before the start of each quarter. If your fees from the prior quarter are not paid two weeks prior to web registration for the following quarter, you will have a hold placed on your account and therefore will not be able to register. 

All payments of tuition and other fees must be paid by the due date indicated on your bill to avoid late fees.  Instructions for how to access your bill can be found here.

Please visit the Student Finance website for all billing and tuition deadline dates.

Here's how to pay tuition: Payment directly to Student Finance via check, echeck or online (debit/credit card) via QuikPay

Tuition Refund Dates

Please consult this Student Finance resource to calcucate the tuition refund for course withdrawals. Questions regarding tuition refunds for withdrawals from "pop-up" courses (i.e. courses not scheduled for a typical 5-week or 10-week schedule) should be directed to kellogg-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

MORE INFO For more information, please review the Student Financial Services web site at http://www.northwestern.edu/sfs/, or contact Student Finance at studentaccounts-chicago@northwestern.edu or 312-503-8503. 

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