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Kellogg Public Private Interface (KPPI) Courses- Spring 2015

Business & Policy, Business & Society, and Nonprofit Management: Spring Courses

Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the critical relationship between policy, the public and not-for-profit sectors, and private enterprise.

The Kellogg Public-Private Initiative has a number of spring quarter courses that will help you to expertly navigate an ever-evolving social and political environment.

Here are a few of the critical questions we can help you answer:

  • Do you believe that business leaders can play an active role in shaping society and strategy beyond markets? Explore courses that tackle the intersection of Business and Society
  • Are you passionate about the power of business and public policy to collectively solve problems? Consider courses in Business and Policy

Are you interested in a leadership role in a mission-driven enterprise? Take a look at course offerings in Nonprofit Management

The KPPI Spring quarter courses and descriptions are listed below. Have a high-impact quarter!

Business and Society

KPPI-440-A | Leadership and Crisis Management 
Students learn to anticipate and manage crises successfully, increase awareness of ethical dimensions of business, understand the motivations and strategic capabilities of stakeholders, and appreciate the importance of value-based management in preventing and managing corporate crises.

KPPI-441-0 | Strategy Beyond Markets (formerly Strategic Management in Non-Markets)
Structured around coalition formation, institutions, and integrated strategy, this course focuses on non-market strategy from the point of view of managers, consultants, and investors.

KPPI-460-0 | Values Based Leadership
Values Based Leadership focuses on doing business in countries with radically different values, heightened public awareness, and scrutiny of business practices. Focus is placed on how emotions and ethical values interact to drive behavior, identifying and navigating tough choices, and confronting the inevitable tensions between the short and long term.

KPPI-917-B | Corporate Social Innovation
This course explores corporate investment of greater resources in social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and strategic philanthropy. Students will explore how today’s leading corporations design, manage, and measure social strategies to generate business value.

Business and Policy

KPPI-470-0 | Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy 
What are the responsibilities of government regulation, and what defines the limits of their activities? This course examines why society might want government to intervene in the marketplace and studies frameworks for analyzing public policies that affect business.

Nonprofit Management

KPPI-454-A | The Education Industry
Intended for students interested in education reform or educational entrepreneurship, this course examines the economic, social, historical, and technological forces that shape the education sector. Students are prepared for engagement, from volunteering to running for an elected board membership of a school district.

KPPI-455-A | Board Governance of Nonprofit Organizations
This application-only course is designed to provide an understanding of how nonprofit organizations are governed for students who are likely to serve on or lead a nonprofit board. The goal is to help students understand the workings of nonprofit organizations, the roles and responsibilities of boards and their members, and how they function.

Janice Eberly
James R. and Helen D. Russell Professor of Finance
Faculty Director, Kellogg Public-Private Initiative (KPPI)

Timothy Feddersen
Wendell Hobbs Professor of Managerial Politics
Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences
Faculty Director, Leadership Development Program, KACI

Liz Howard
Clinical Associate Professor of Management
Director of Non-Profit Executive Education

Questions about a course?

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