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Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses- Spring 2015

Interested in innovation and entrepreneurship? Check out these KIEI courses, which still have seats available.


KIEI 452 | Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship is a dynamic and quickly evolving field. KIEI-452 immerses students into this world through discussions, readings, guest lecturers, field trips, and most importantly, a quarter-long team-based consulting project. Students will not only learn about promising local, regional and national trends in social entrepreneurship but will develop useful research and consulting skills. Projects help build clients’ organizational capacity and increase sustainability for entrepreneurial nonprofits and for-profit companies seeking to have a social impact.

KIEI 462 | New Venture Discovery
KIEI-462 is designed to help students achieve “product-market fit.” Material ranges from customer discovery and design thinking, to rapid prototyping, to bootstrapping methods, to communicating/selling the vision for a new venture. The format is a blend of lecture, fieldwork, cross-team collaboration, outside speakers and expert mentoring.

KIEI 925 | Startup Programming and Management
KIEI-925 is an introduction to web development and software project management. At the end of the course students will be able to build a functional prototype of a database-backed web application, and will be able to ideate more constructively, converse with developers more effectively, and manage technology teams more efficiently.


KIEI 965 | Global Governance of Private Companies
Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle controversial governance issues, do the right thing and avoid liabilities. Topics covered will include typical governance scenarios as well as domestic and international environments and regulations.


KIEI 902-A | Entrepreneurial Selling
Entrepreneurial Selling will introduce the basics of selling and will help students develop their “entrepreneurial asking” skills in order to persuade customers and business associates of the merit of ideas.

KIEI 926 | Venture Capital & Private Equity: The Human Element
This advanced course in private equity focuses on the interpersonal issues facing the professional investor, primarily examining the relationship between investor and entrepreneur after initial financing. For students who are seriously considering a career in private equity or who desire a deeper understanding of the investor/entrepreneur relationship.

KIEI 935-B | Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
KIEI-935 addresses what entrepreneurs need to know to secure and leverage the intangible, knowledge-based assets of their business. The course covers both intellectual property forms and their protection and utilization.

Questions about these courses? Contact us at kiei@kellogg.northwestern.edu.