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Teaching at the Evening & Weekend MBA Program (Wieboldt Hall- Chicago Campus)

Welcome to Kellogg’s Evening & Weekend MBA Program at Wieboldt Hall on the Chicago Campus! Located at 340 E. Superior, we aim to provide you with a seamless experience as you teach here. To that end, below is important information to assist you. For any additional information or assistance, please call us at: (312) 503-8385 (or 3-8385 from the Evanston campus), or visit our Contacts page.   We look forward to working with you! 

Where to go for help
Not sure who to go to for what? A full listing of the Evening & Weekend MBA Program team with photos may be found here

Preparing to Teach at Wieboldt


Quarter and Schedule Information

Summer 2019 will commence on Monday, June 24, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. for evening classes and Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 9:00 a.m for Saturday classes. 

There will be no class meeting on the following dates:
Thursday, July 4 (Fourth of July) with a make-up date of Friday, July 12

Download Class Roster

To access class rosters for current or past courses, please navigate to Kellogg class rosters classic or beta. Using both links, you'll be able to access student photos, demographic information, and play recordings of student name pronunciation.

View Classroom Assignment and Seating Chart

You can view your classroom assignment in the Kellogg Course Schedule. Your assigned classroom and seating chart will be in your Chicago Campus mailbox, located in the Administrative Office on the 2nd Floor Mezzanine of 340 East Superior Street, on the first night of class.  Please contact your course support specialist to review your seating charts in advance.

Submit Classroom Technology Requests

Please email your technology requests to kis@kellogg.northwestern.edu.  Please give us at least 24-hour notice for equipment requests. If you have a technical question or problem(s) with the equipment in your classroom, please call (312) 503-8387 and a technical support staff member will be dispatched to assist you or feel free to visit our technical support center in room 125.

If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding Chicago campus technology support please contact Adan Cruz, Manager of Chicago Campus Information Technology and Support at a-cruz3@kellogg.northwestern.edu or submit anonymously via the KIS online suggestion box. For more information about Kellogg Information Systems visit our website at https://kis.kellogg.northwestern.edu/.

Reserve Breakout Rooms and/or Non-Technology Classroom Needs

Should you require the use of breakout rooms for your course this quarter, please email Tim Cahill at timothy.cahill@kellogg.northwestern.edu with the date, number of rooms/seats needed, and time frame, and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.  We will do our best to accommodate your breakout room request. Breakout room availability is limited in Wieboldt Hall, so it is most helpful to submit the course needs at your earliest convenience.  

Obtain Building Access via your Wildcard

Your Wildcard needs to be programmed to allow building and office access in Wieboldt Hall. If your Wildcard has already been programmed for building access in Wieboldt in the past and it is a valid card, you do not need to make any other change or programming request. 

If your Wildcard has not previously been configured for Wieboldt access - please complete the following form so that we may best assist your request for WildCARD access at Wieboldt Hall. Please contact Nadia Jackson with questions. 

Evening & Weekend MBA Office and Building Hours

Regular office hours (when school is in session) 
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 8:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Office hours when classes are not in session: 
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED 

Kafe Kellogg hours of operation (when school is in session)
Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 8:30pm
Saturday: 9am - 3:30pm
Friday & Sunday: CLOSED
Closed during finals week and when school is not in session.

NOTE: Support teams (catering/KIS) not on site on Sundays.

Wieboldt Hall's Accessibility Hours (when the doors of Wieboldt Hall will be unlocked):
Monday through Thursday: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Friday: 7:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: Chicago Ave. entrance unlocked 12:00pm - 5:00pm. Superior Street entrance locked, accessible via Wildcard. 

Your Northwestern Wildcard will let you into the building at the Superior Street entrance from 7:00am - 11:00pm, Monday-Sunday. 

Obtain Parking Access

You may obtain an Evening and Weekend Chicago Campus parking permit for the quarter in which you are teaching by applying for a permit through the Parking Office.

Daily discount parking is also available in the Erie-Ontario parking garage (Lot D) for up to 12 hours for $10.25.  To obtain the discount, present the parking ticket and WildCARD to the University Services Chicago Office (Abbott Hall, Room 100) for validation.  Insert the validation and parking ticket into the payment kiosk upon returning to the parking garage. 

The intercampus shuttle is also an option and is free with your Wildcard.  Click here for the schedule.

Most Common Inquiries from Faculty


Faculty Office and Storage Cabinets


You will find your classroom office assignment in your Chicago Campus mailbox, located in the 2M Faculty Office Suite. For questions about your faculty office assignment and to reserve a storage cabinet to use during the quarter you are teaching, please contact Nadia Jackson at (312) 503-0021.

All scheduled Faculty will be configured for building access via their WildCARD.  If you have questions about your WildCARD access please contact Nadia Jackson at (312) 503-0021.

Facilities Requests

If you have any suggestions or requests regarding classroom set-up, scheduled chalkboard cleaning, building infrastructure, Wildcard or Instructional Resources, please direct them to Nadia Jackson at facilities-chicago@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

Copy Requests

For assistance with copies, please contact your course support specialist. You can view a full listing of course support services through the Teaching Support Portal.

Intercampus Deliveries

Deliveries from Evanston to Wieboldt:
If you need to send class-related materials down to Wieboldt, please arrange delivery service on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at least 24 hours in advance via email to Reggie Coleman (1-4296) or Heath Winborn (1-7860). Email is the preferred method of communication.

To confirm delivery, please email eveningweekend@kellogg.northwestern.edu to notify us of the impending delivery and include the professor's name and course/section number.  When it arrives, we will respond to your email to confirm delivery.  Please contact eveningweekend@kellogg.northwestern.edu or the E&W office main line with any questions: 312-503-8385.

Deliveries from Wieboldt to Evanston: 
If you need to send class-related materials from Wieboldt to Evanston, please arrange delivery at least 24 hours in advance.  Prior to making the request, please package the items appropriately and clearly mark the receiver's name, department and campus building on the package.  Requests can be made at the E&W front desk and delivery will be arranged.  Please work with the receiver of the delivery to confirm receipt.  Please contact eveningweekend@kellogg.northwestern.edu or the Evening & Weekend office main line with any questions: 312-503-8385.

Supplies and Printing at Wieboldt

We are able to supply you with most general office supplies. The copier in the Faculty Office is available for your convenience. You can print to any of Wieboldt’s multifunction printers (MFPs) with your laptop or the public computers. Simply send your print job to the KPrint print queue and then release your print job from any of Wieboldt’s multifunction printers by swiping your WildCARD or typing in your NetID and Password.     
  • If you would like to print from your laptop, you must install KPrint. You can do this either by following the instructions in the KPrint Overview article, or visiting the KIS office at Wieboldt in Room 125. Installing KPrint will give you access to the KPrint print queue. 
  • If you would like to print from a public computer, make sure that you login to the public computer using your username and password. Public computers are already set up to print to the KPrint print queue. 
  • If you would like to copy or scan using the MFP devices at Wieboldt, there are detailed instructions next to each device.

Kellogg Table & Alcohol Policy

Enjoy complimentary food with the Kellogg students before Evening and Weekend classes. The Kellogg Table, a complimentary and robust offering of food, will be offered in Room 362 each class evening from 5:00 – 6:00 pm and on Saturdays from 8:00  - 9:00 am and 12:00 – 1:00 pm. We invite all faculty to join the students at Kellogg Table. In addition, we hold quarterly after-class socials during the first week of every quarter from 9-10pm. Faculty are encouraged to attend. Given the robust nature of offerings at Kellogg Table, the Evening and Weekend Program will no longer sponsor pre-class faculty /student dinners. However, if you would like to do something specific with your class, please contact Clare Kirkpatrick at clare.kirkpatrick@kellogg.northwestern.edu at least one week in advance to make arrangements. 



Serving Alcohol at Wieboldt Hall

All on-campus events involving alcohol must be approved in advance by the Dean’s Office or Dean of Students’ Office. During these events, only beer and wine may be served, and alternative (nonalcoholic) beverages as well as food must be provided. Carding of attendees is required, and licensed bartenders must be hired to serve all alcoholic beverages.  Any alcohol provided must be sourced through the contracted Kellogg catering provider.


Serving Alcohol in Kellogg Classrooms

No alcohol may be served in Kellogg classrooms without permission from the Dean’s Office. Permission will be granted only when the service of alcohol is integral to the educational purpose of the class or event being held in the classroom.  Any alcohol served must be served by a licensed bartender sourced through the contracted Kellogg catering provider.


Catering at any function at Wieboldt Hall - no outside catering or beverage service permitted

At Wieboldt Hall, outside catering is not allowed.  All catering (food or drink) must be ordered through the Kellogg Conference Center.



Final Exams 
Final exams are administered differently in Chicago than they are in Evanston. 
  • Chicago campus in-class final exams are administered during Week 11 of the quarter.
  • Final exams are offered at the same time, in the same location, as the regularly scheduled class session for all enrolled students, regardless of program (Evening, Weekend, Full-Time).  
  • Faculty (or the Department support staff) are responsible for proctoring in-classroom final exams on the Chicago campus.
  • Faculty or their TAs are responsible for providing or arranging for printed exams to be in Wieboldt at exam time. 
  •  If you choose to employ an outside proctor (e.g. a temp), please be aware that the Wieboldt reception desk on 2M closes at 8:30 pm during the evenings and you must make a request for additional staffing if the proctor will need to drop off the exams at the front desk after 8:30 pm.  All such requests should be made to Carol Lucido at least two weeks in advance of the exam administration date.

Early/ Alternate Exams 

For students who have extenuating circumstances (e.g. Kellogg course travel or a work conflict that cannot be rescheduled),  Academic Services offers a weekend exam administration in Wieboldt Hall the weekend prior to finals week.

  • The exam registration link is sent to Wieboldt faculty by the first week in the quarter and qualifying students will be able to register for the early exams. 
  • A list of all students registered to take your exam early will be emailed to you by the beginning of Week 10.
  • A request for you to provide specific instructions regarding the administration of the exam will be sent during Week 9.
  • These early exams will be held at Wieboldt for pickup
If a student with extenuating circumstances requests an alternate exam at a time outside of the weekend early exam administration, he/she should reach out to Carol Lucido with the reason why the actual exam date or early exam dates do not work.  Additional documentation may be required and approval will be provided by the director of Academic Services.

Students with Accommodations

  • Students with accommodations (as approved by AccessibleNU) should reach out to their professors to coordinate testing arrangements with the E&W Academic advisor Carol Lucido.
  • Academic Advising coordinates with the student and professor to provide a testing environment that incorporates the accommodations.

Returning of Exams & Homework Assignments to Students

If you need exams or homework papers returned to students on the same night as the class, we suggest handing them out in class or, if you would like them handed out to students via the front desk on 2M, the papers must be at our office no later than 3:00 p.m. in alphabetical order of that day.

Students Submitting Mid-Terms and Exams in person to the Evening & Weekend MBA office

If you would like your students to turn in a mid-term or final exam in person to the E&W MBA office, please email eveningweekend@kellogg.northwestern.edu with the course and section number, submission deadline, and the name of the person that will be picking them up.  

Scheduling Makeup Classes & Review Sessions

If you need to schedule a makeup class (excluding the official makeup classes due to holidays) or review session, please contact KIS Chicago and they will get back to you shortly. Regular hours of operation are Monday - Thursday from 8:30am to 8:30pm, and Friday and Saturday from 8:30am - 5:00pm. We are closed on Sundays. If extenuating circumstances arise where a makeup class or review session is needed on a Sunday, the request must be made at least 10 business days in advance in order to be considered for approval. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Video/Audio Recording Requests

Kellogg does not offer videotaping for student viewing as attendance and participation is key to the educational process. Also, videotaping sometimes may inhibit participation or encourage absence. Students who must miss a class for an unavoidable reason (i.e. work, religious, or medical) should ask a classmate to take notes or request faculty permission to allow a classmate to audio record the class.  Audio recording equipment can be checked out of the KIS office in room 125.  Students must get the professor's permission to audio record. 

Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  All student requests for video recording must be approved by the Evening & Weekend Student Life team.  Please contact the Evening & Weekend Student Life Office for all video recording requests. 

If video recording is needed for training or other academic purposes, please directly contact your course support specialist as well as Adan Cruz, KIS manager for Wieboldt Hall, to make arrangements.

Guest Speaker Information

Please send an email to Clare Kirkpatrick at clare.kirkpatrick@kellogg.northwestern.edu and the Kellogg Speakers Bureau if you will be inviting a guest speaker to present in your class at Wieboldt Hall, and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.  The following accommodations may be requested.

Guest Wireless Networks
Campus guests can connect to the Guest-Northwestern wireless network. The Guest wireless network is a free service intended for use by visitors requiring short-term access to the wireless network to perform general Internet activities. It is an unsecured connection and should not be used to send or receive sensitive information.

Parking pass
Requests should be emailed to the Evening & Weekend Student Life Office (eveningweekend@kellogg.northwesterne.edu) at least one week in advance. Limit one per guest.
Parking Information for Guest Speaker
If you are visiting Kellogg School of Management at Wieboldt Hall on the Chicago campus, the recommended parking garage is Erie Ontario Parking (321 E. Erie). View Parking Map.

-The passes for free parking are good for use Monday - Friday, 3pm to 8am, Sat and Sun up to 24 hours.

How to obtain the validation:
- Park in the eligible garage and obtain a parking ticket.
- Once in Wieboldt Hall, obtain a parking validation pass from the E&W Student Life Office front desk.
- When returning to the garage on foot, at the pay station, first enter the original ticket followed by the validation pass. The station will return only the fully validated ticket that will be used when exiting the garage.

Important Info to Know


Student Liaisons

Please designate a student liaison for your class(es). Student liaisons are critical for assisting the Evening & Weekend office with various activities including the online TCE process. Once a student liaison has been designated, please instruct them to log into “My Classes” and sign up as a liaison by the end of the second week of the quarter.  If you have any questions, please contact the E&W office at eveningweekend@kellogg.northwestern.edu.  

Books and Case Packets

Your course support specialist will place book orders for your required or recommended textbook through the NU bookstore for students to purchase.

The course support team also separates your reading list into copyrighted materials for the case pack and free materials for Canvas to limit student costs and ensure copyright compliance.

Please contact your course support specialist with questions and visit the Teaching Support Portal for a full menu of services.

Course Registration & Grading Inquiries

You can find useful information about Kellogg registration policies, classroom attendance, waitlists, add/drop, and independent study on our Bidding and Registration website. Information about grading deadlines can be accessed through the office of the registrar. For questions, please contact kellogg-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu

Teacher/Course Evaluations (TCE's)

TCE’s are typically administered the last week of classes and are open for a week. Instructors are asked to inform their students and provide time in class for them to complete the evaluation. Exact dates for the upcoming quarter will be communicated by the Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum and Teaching.  Please contact Teaching Support with any questions. 

Kellogg Code of Classroom Etiquette

The Kellogg Code of Classroom Etiquette has been established to assist students and faculty alike to foster appreciation for a classroom environment that enhances the learning experience for all students. Attention to this will add value to the course by creating a more meaningful and constructive discussion. 

Click here to view the full policy.

Emergency Call Phones

One touch call phones have been installed in all classrooms in Wieboldt Hall on the podium. In case of an emergency a single push of the silver button directly connects the room to the NU police dispatch. Once they pick up, the call box turns into a live intercom with two way communication. For more information contact facilities-chicago@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

Lost and Found

The University is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage of personal property in any University building.  If you do lose something, please check with the Evening & Weekend front desk on 2M.  Facilities will inform the rest of the offices in the building.  If it is found, you will be contacted.  If something is stolen, please call NU Police to report it at 312-503-3456.