Transfer of Credit

Please note: The new transfer credit policy applies to students matriculating in or after Spring 2013.  All other students, please visit the 2012-2013 Policies & Procedures Manual for the previous policy.  

In certain circumstances, the Part-Time MBA Program at the Kellogg School of Management allows current and incoming students to transfer up to three credits earned at another AACSB-accredited graduate school of management or business and apply these credits toward the requirements of their Kellogg degree. The Part- Time MBA Program is the only Kellogg program that offers this option. 


Two circumstances warrant the consideration of transfer credits:

  • Incoming students who have earned credits at another AACSB-accredited graduate school of management or business. 
  • Current students who must relocate outside of the Chicago area, are within three credits of earning their Kellogg degree and are unable to enroll in Saturday courses.
Note: Accelerated Part-Time Option students are ineligible for transfer credits. In extreme situations, however, up to two transfer credits may be considered, but only at the end of a student’s curriculum, and only if the student would otherwise be unable to complete his or her degree at Kellogg. Such situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 


Up to three credits may be transferred.  Course equivalents of MORS 430 (Leadership in Organizations), STRT 431 (Business Strategy), and FINC 430 (Finance I) are NOT eligible for transfer credit.

The credits:

  • Do not count toward fulfilling the requirements of a Kellogg major. 
  • Cannot be used to fulfill the Global Elective Requirement ((for those students matriculating during or prior to Spring 2013)
  • Are not included when calculating the student’s Kellogg cumulative grade point average.

Transfer courses must: 

  • Have been at another AACSB-accredited graduate school of management or business. 
  • Have been completed with a grade of B or higher. 
  • Not have been used toward the completion of another degree. 
  • Be similar in content to courses offered at the Kellogg School. 
  • Have included at least 30 hours of classroom instruction; no online courses will be accepted.
  • Have been started and completed no more than 2½ years prior to starting the 
    Kellogg Part-Time MBA Program.
Requests for transfer credit must include an official copy of the transcript, catalog description and course syllabus. The request and all supporting documentation should be directed toCarol Lucido, Part-Time MBA Program Academic Advisor. 

Completed Courses 

To request a transfer credit of previous MBA coursework completed elsewhere, please submit: 

  1. A completed Transfer of Credit Request Form.  List the MBA-level course(s) to be evaluated and email the form to Carol Lucido.  NOTE: You must fill out a separate form for each course requested. 
  2. A course description, syllabus emailed to Carol Lucido. 
  3. An official transcript is required for the approved transfer credit to be awarded.  Only official, sealed transcripts sent by the MBA program directly to Kellogg will be accepted. If you submitted your transcript through your application to Kellogg, please indicate this in the email to Carol Lucido for verification. Otherwise, please ask the MBA program to mail the transcript to Carol Lucido’s attention at the Kellogg School of Management, 340 East Superior Street, 2M, Chicago, IL 60611. 

Upcoming Courses 

To request a review of transfer eligibility for an upcoming or potential MBA course at another institution, please email the following to Carol Lucido: 

  1. A completed Transfer of Credit Request Form.  List the MBA-level course(s) and the Kellogg course equivalents you want evaluated.  NOTE: You must fill out a separate form for each course requested. 
  2. A course description and syllabus (include a pdf, not a link to the information).
  3. Include verification that the class meets with the professor for at least 30 hours of class time.

Approval Process 

Yyour request will be forwarded to the appropriate academic department for consideration. You will be informed by email of the department’s decision within two weeks of the application deadlines listed below.   

If your courses are accepted for transfer, the number of credits you will need to complete the Kellogg Part-Time MBA Program will be reduced. 

Please note that not all courses or all institutions offer the same caliber of instruction or intellectual rigor demanded by the Kellogg School of Management and therefore may not be accepted for transfer credit. Approval of credit transfers is determined by the academic department, the Kellogg Part-Time MBA Program administration or both. 


Requests for transfer credit should be submitted as early as possible after acceptance into the Kellogg Part-Time MBA Program. The following deadlines provide academic departments with enough lead time to review requests and give incoming students sufficient time to register for approved coursework at other institutions. 
For transfer credits to be 
applied to this quarter:
 Requests must be submitted by:
 Fall  May 15
 Winter      July 15
 Spring  October 15
 Summer  February 15

Questions?  Please contact Carol Lucido, Part-Time MBA Program Academic Advisor.