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Class Attendance

At Kellogg, participation in the classroom is an important part of the learning experience.  As such, attendance at all class sessions is expected.  No student should enroll in any course without the intention and capability of attending all class sessions. Failure to attend a class regularly may cause reduction in the grade, loss of credit for the course, additional remedial work, denial of residence credit or other appropriate sanctions at the discretion of the instructor or the Dean. Students are responsible for reading the course syllabus to ensure compliance with faculty-specific attendance policies. 

Since regular attendance is expected in all courses, enrollment in courses that meet at the same time or overlapping times is not permitted. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are not enrolled in two courses (within or outside Kellogg) that meet at the same time or overlapping times by the end of the final Add/Drop period.

Students must attend the class section for which they are registered. This policy applies to all Kellogg courses, including day, evening and weekend classes in both Evanston and Chicago.