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For students who matriculated (began their Kellogg studies) DURING OR AFTER Summer Quarter 2015, see new guidelines for Evening & Weekend MBA Students.

For students who matriculated (began their Kellogg studies) DURING OR PRIOR TO Spring Quarter 2015, see below.

Offered by the Real Estate Program

Real Estate Major Description

Whether a student intends to be a real estate specialist or a management generalist, real estate as an asset class is an integral part of the vocabulary of business. The Real Estate major provides a foundation in real estate finance and real estate markets that supports every business function. The program addresses all aspects of real estate development and investment — social, economic and financial. The courses are taught by leading scholars and distinguished practitioners with significant experience in development, finance, planning and law.

The Real Estate major provides an excellent background for a variety of real estate career paths, including development, private equity, investment banking, asset management, lending and consulting. In addition, real estate is important for generalists seeking careers in management consulting, organization planning and strategy, general management, and small business and entrepreneurial management.

The comprehensive Real Estate curriculum at Kellogg gives students the knowledge and adaptability they’ll need to excel in high-level professional and managerial careers in the industry. In addition to their classroom activities, students have many opportunities to interact with real estate professionals. By combining classroom and experiential learning, the program ensures that each student receives a firm analytical foundation and an applied bridge to professional practice.

The required core course is Real Estate Finance and Investments. The student can then choose three credit hours from our selection of real estate electives: Urban Economic Development and Real Estate Market Analysis, Real Estate Development, Legal Issues in Real Estate, Independent Study, Real Estate Lab, International Real Estate, Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Finance And Investments II, and Public Economics for Business Leaders: State and Local Policy.

Major requirements are determined by the quarter you began your Kellogg MBA program. Please click on the relevant time period below to confirm your specific requirements.

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