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International Business INTL

For students who matriculated (began their Kellogg studies) DURING OR AFTER Summer Quarter 2015, see new guidelines for Evening & Weekend MBA Students.

For students who matriculated (began their Kellogg studies) DURING OR PRIOR TO Spring Quarter 2015, see below.

Offered by the International Business & Markets Program

International Business Major Description

Managers must be prepared to engage in heightened international competition. They have to be able to negotiate and manage organizations in different cultural settings. They must know how to market their products in different countries. It is no longer sufficient for managers to address international issues as special topics. Rather, international business requires discipline-based frameworks that can adapt to changing markets and be applied by managers of companies based in any country. The Kellogg School's International Business major provides students with thorough training in a wide range of international fields of study, including management strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, and management of organizations.

The major is positioned to be of value both to U.S. and international students. Students completing the international business major will obtain valuable skills that can be applied in employment in international business management and international consulting.

Major requirements are determined by the quarter you began your Kellogg MBA program. Please click on the relevant time period below to confirm your specific requirements.

Summer 2014 – Spring 2015 [view requirements]

Summer 2013 – Spring 2014 [view requirements]

Summer 2012 – Spring 2013 [view requirements]

Summer 2011 – Spring 2012 [view requirements]

Summer 2010 – Spring 2011 [view requirements]

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