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Health Enterprise Management HEMA

For students who matriculated (began their Kellogg studies) DURING OR AFTER Summer Quarter 2015, see new guidelines for Evening & Weekend MBA Students.

For students who matriculated (began their Kellogg studies) DURING OR PRIOR TO Spring Quarter 2015, see below.

Offered by Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK)

Health Enterprise Management Major Description

The Health Enterprise Management (HEMA) major meets the needs of any management student who seeks to excel in either the services or products side of the health industry. Many HEMA courses are taught by some of the world’s leading scholars in a wide range of academic fields. Other HEMA classes are taught by practitioners who have reached the very top of their professions. All HEMA offerings emphasize the importance of translating fundamental management principles into state-of-the-art tools for practitioners. HEMA graduates compete successfully for jobs in provider, insurer and supplier organizations, as well as in consulting, investment banking and other related sectors of the economy.

The HEMA major combines flexibility with depth. Students must complete one full credit from the list of “breadth courses.” These courses orient students with the institutions shaping the healthcare sector today, and provide an introduction to healthcare-related issues in the areas strategy, economics, and/or management. Three additional credits may be completed from a lengthy list of courses, including several offerings focusing on either the healthcare services (payor/provider) or life sciences (biotech/pharma) fields. There are no prerequisites for the major and students with no prior experience in the health sector are invited to sample HEMA courses.

Special Competency in Health Enterprise Excellence
Kellogg offers students who are interested in the health sector an opportunity to drill deeply into the field. Students who wish to drill deeply into health enterprise management may complete the Special Competency in Health Enterprise Excellence Major (SCHEMA).

Major requirements are determined by the quarter you began your Kellogg MBA program. Please click on the relevant time period below to confirm your specific requirements.

Summer 2014 – Spring 2015 [view requirements]

Summer 2013 – Spring 2014 [view requirements]

Summer 2012 – Spring 2013 [view requirements]

Summer 2011 – Spring 2012 [view requirements]

Summer 2010 – Spring 2011 [view requirements]

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