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Global Elective Requirement

For students in the Evening & Weekend MBA program who matriculated (began their Kellogg studies) during or prior to Spring 2013, one credit must be completed in an internationally oriented activity, either through an academic discipline-based course, participation in an experiential learning course with a broad focus, or a foreign immersion experience. Students may complete this requirement at any point during their time at Kellogg, but it must be satisfied prior to graduation. The course(s) used to satisfy the Global Elective Requirement must be taken for a letter grade, and independent studies may not be used. The options satisfying the global elective requirement are:
  • ACCT-452 Financial Reporting and Analysis II
  • FINC 470 International Finance
  • FINC 918A Major Project and Project Finance in Emerging Markets
  • FINC 937 Microfinance & the Role of Financial Institutions in Development
  • FINC 941 Macroeconomic Policy and Global Capital Markets
  • FINC 945 Global Entrepreneurial Finance
  • HEMA 484A Thought Leadership Seminar: Critical Decisions in International Healthcare Systems
  • INTL 473 Global Initiatives in Management (GIM)
  • INTL 490 Foreign Study (at approved institution)
  • INTL 915 Global Lab (G-Lab)
  • INTL-916 International Business Strategy Lab (IBS-Lab)
  • INTL 920 The Changing Nature of Business and Economy in China
  • KIEI-930 NUvention: Innovate for Impact
  • KIEI-965 Global Governance of Private Companies (formerly ENTR-965)
  • KPPI 442 International Healthcare Systems (formerly INTL-442)
  • MGMT-460 International Business Strategy (formerly INTL-460)
  • MGMT-466 International Business Strategy in Non-Market Environments (formerly INTL-466)
  • MGMT-911 Strategic Business Profit
  • MGMT-930-A Globality (formerly INTL-930-A)
  • MKTG-467 Global Marketing (formerly INTL-467)
  • MORS-474 Cross-Cultural Negotiation (formerly INTL-474)
  • REAL 922B International Real Estate

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