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Entrepreneurship Series: From Kellogg Student to Founder to Faculty

"Through my journey starting as an MBA student,  to pursuing my own venture, to becoming an investor and eventually an educator – I continue to learn day in and day out from my students," Professor Jeffrey Eschbach says.

Entrepreneurship Series, Part Two: Kellogg Co-Founders

Hear from Kellogg alumni Nicole Chavas '15 and Laura Brenner Kimes '15 on co-founding their startup, Greenprint Partners, how it's grown, and how they've evolved as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Series, Part One: Kellogg Co-Founders

Hear from Kellogg alumni Florence Frech '15 and Camilo Martinez '15 on co-founding their startup, Leal, and how they led during COVID-19.

Entrepreneurship Series, Part Four: Where Are They Now?

In the last post of this series, hear from alumnus Jason Barsema '14 (Co-Founder and President of Halo Investing) on his venture and path in entrepreneurship.

Kellogg’s DEI Pathway: Honoring Our Purpose Through the Lens of DEI

Bernie Banks, Kellogg's associate dean for leadership development and inclusion, gives insight into the design of Kellogg's DEI Pathway, and how it uniquely prepares the next generation of leaders.

Entrepreneurship Series, Part Three: Where Are They Now?

In the third post of this series, hear from alumni Erica Douglas '15 (Founding Partner and CEO at mSeed group) and Noory Bechor '13 (Co-Founder and CEO at LawGeex) on their ventures and paths in entrepreneurship.