Application Process

The Management for Scientists and Engineers program is open to current doctoral students at Feinberg, McCormick, Weinberg and the School of Communication who are post-candidacy at the time of application. We will not accept applications from students attending other universities.

The application process requires two parts to be completed:
  • Letter of recommendation request to Principal Investigator (PI)/Advisor
    • System will directly email PI/Advisor to request the letter once application is completed.
    • It may be helpful for applicants to inform their advisors of this request as soon as possible to provide Advisors enough time to prepare and submit by deadline
  • Application completion
    • See the "application dates" box for the application and PI/Advisor letter of recommendation due dates
The application is comprised of the following:
  • Demographic information
  • Year in program
  • Current GPA
  • Current CV in PDF format (no other formats accepted)
  • Clear, concise answers to essay questions
    • Describe a business problem that interests you. (300 word maximum)
    • How does the program relate to your career goals? (300 words maximum)
Applications will be assessed on the following weighted criteria:

  • Quality of scholarly/academic achievements, as evidenced in CV, GPA, and letter of recommendation
  • Quality of leadership experience and community involvement, as evidenced in CV, letter of recommendation, and essays
  • Quality of professional development planning, as evidenced in CV and essays
  • Clarity and quality of communication, as evidenced in essays

Application Dates

Application Open
February 27, 2023
Application Due
March 31, 2023 at 5:00pm CT

PI/Advisor Letters Due
Extended to April 14, 2023 at 5:00pm CT for religious holidays
Decisions Released by
May 12, 2023
Students confirm by
May 19, 2023

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