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Kellogg Full-Time MBA Program

Amanda Cheung

Hometown: Farmingdale, NY
Program: 2Y
Majors: Marketing, Management and Strategy

Making the most out of two years: It is hard to imagine that more than one year ago, I was finalizing my Kellogg application for the Round 1 deadline. more>>

Briel Steinberg

Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Program: 2Y
Majors: Marketing, SEEK

KWEST, CIM launches the journey: Lucky for me, I began business school in the heyday of Facebook, and a strategically timed “Kellogg Class of 2013” Facebook group that allowed first years to get here and hit the ground running. more>>

Erin Rumsey

Hometown: Highland Park, IL
Program: 2Y
Majors: Marketing, Media Management

Following Your Heart to (…but Not Setting It on) Kellogg: After four years in the same post-college job, I knew going into Year 5 that it was time for a change. more>>

Megan Lyons

Megan Lyons

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Program: 2Y
Majors: Management and Organizations, Management and Strategy, SEEK

Hello!: Hi! I am Megan Lyons, and I’m just starting my first year at Kellogg. It has sure been a whirlwind of activity and excitement, but I can already tell that I’m going to learn a ton, build long-lasting relationships, and have lots of fun over the next two years! more>>

Michel Fabode

Michel Fabode

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Program: 2Y
Majors: Marketing

Kellogg KWEST: Kellogg KWEST…Let’s Gooo!!!! It was finally here. The trip for which I’d been planning virtually all summer, the trip that would kick off my MBA career – it was finally here. more>>

Sai Bhagavatula

Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Program: 2Y
Majors: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Management and Strategy

Starting a new adventure: Attending school after five years of work has been a different and exciting experience for me in many ways. more>>

Sam Sung

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Program: 2Y
Majors: International Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Transitioning to student life: A little about myself, I’m Sam Sung (playing the name game with me was super easy – I wonder why…) and I’m originally from Los Angeles, Calif. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a major in political sciences, and went straight into the United States Marine Corps as a brand new 2nd lieutenant. more>>

Shobhit Chugh

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Program: MMM
Majors: Management and Strategy, Marketing

Kellogg Convocation for 2nd years: This thursday was a welcome back convocation event for Kellogg second years. more>>

Shradha Balakrishnan

Hometown: New Delhi, India and San Francisco, Calif.
Program: 2Y
Majors: Management and Organizations, Marketing, SEEK

Becoming a better version of myself: Here I was, nearing 30, out of school for several years, happily married for four years, working at a nonprofit in San Francisco on programs I passionately believed in – no wonder people wondered why I decided to apply to business school. more>>

Tony Shan

Tony Shan

Hometown: Temple City, California
Program: 2Y
Majors: International Business, Marketing, Media Management

Picture the Possibilities: It is hard to believe that I am officially starting my 2nd year at Kellogg. It seems like yesterday that I walked the halls of Jacobs on the first day of CIM (Complete Immersion in Management) and marching into the OLC Auditorium chanting with my section. more>>

Ethan Castro

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Program: JDMBA
Majors: Finance, Marketing

Winter Update: Last term ended well with a big, week-long bash in Vail... more>>

Jeremy C. Wilson

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Program: JDMBA
Majors: Media Management, SEEK, Management and Organizations

MBA Internship Final Presentations: Six hundred Kellogg MBAs finished their first year of business school this past spring and went off into the workforce to start their summer internships. Some of them went into consulting. Others into banking and finance. more>>