MMM Student Vikram Raju

“The MMM program challenges me to be more dynamic: in thought, in understanding and in action”

What made you decide to join the MMM Program?

I've always been fascinated by "tangible goods". My background in industrial machinery gave me an tremendous amount of insight into the process of designing and building products to meet unique customer needs. I came to Kellogg to better understand how organizational strategy and decision-making drives this process, and the MMM program gave me the best of both worlds. Here, I'm able to embrace the fact that robust business practices and design innovation must go hand-in-hand to create value for companies and consumers.

How is the MMM program helping you reach your goals?

Our curriculum stresses that design can span anything from something localized, like developing a more effective bike lock, to something much broader, like optimizing an intercontinental supply chain. The commonality in these applications is that empathy and end-user understanding are critical aspects of problem solving. Gaining practice in understanding as well as establishing context is going to help me make better business decisions in my career.

What excites you the most about the MMM program?

I love the fact that the I'm constantly kept on my toes intellectually. Switching from being analytical and numbers-driven in one class to participating in a post-it filled Design Research brainstorm session in the space of a couple of hours is challenging and fun.

What stands out about the MMM program?

In class this summer, I remember thinking that the program had assembled the most dynamic group of thinkers I had ever experienced in a single room. Later that night, belting out Aerosmith with the class in a tiny karaoke studio showed me that they were pretty good at having fun, too.

Application Deadlines

Round 1

September 16, 2020

Round 2

January 6, 2021

Round 3

April 7, 2021