MMM Student Michael Chen

“I just modeled and printed something that I once had to buy”

What made you decide to join the MMM Program?

I grew up surrounded by Legos because I loved creating something out of nothing. But instead of following the instructions that came with each box, I imagined and built random storylines using a mixture of sets and pieces. During the MMM Preview Day at Kellogg, I discovered that MMM is the only top tier MBA program that allows me to combine what I enjoyed from my previous job (developing brand strategies and customer experiences) with what I loved to do as a kid. It is a program that would teach me how to research and understand people's needs, then physically create and prototype solutions that fit them personally. That made it an easy decision to join the MMM Program.

How is the MMM program helping you reach your goals?

As a consultant working in a firm that practices numerous capabilities from strategy to analytics to design, I recognized the importance of being able to work in and with cross-functional teams. Moreover, I directly realized the impact of forming recommendations rooted in both a creative and an analytical point of view. Being in a program that brings in peers with backgrounds spanning from strategic to technical to artistic, The MMM Program will help me understand how to best communicate my ideas and work most effectively with a team of diverse talent.

What excites you the most about the MMM program?

I love how inspired and inspiring each and every individual in our program is. So many people come to the table with a brilliant idea and wait for it to be realized - but what's unique about our class is that we then go and make it happen. I came to Evanston wanting to enhance my creativity and bring ideas to life and now I'm getting countless opportunities to do so with 60 close friends.

What stands out about the MMM program?

You hear that Kellogg forms close communities, but you experience it to the max with the MMM family. One early example came right after our first summer together when the 60 of us split off and went on our KWEST trips (Kellogg's student "orientation" trips around the world), but were so happy to see each other when we were reunited back home.

Application Deadlines

Round 1

September 16, 2020

Round 2

January 6, 2021

Round 3

April 7, 2021