MMM Student Kathryn McKinley

“MMM provides personalized education right for me with academic expertise, robust training, and community support”

What made you decide to join the MMM Program?

MMM, when I applied and still to this day, is the only competitive program that marries the best of business knowledge from Kellogg with leading innovation and technical skill development from Segal at McCormick School of Engineering.

How is the MMM program helping you reach your goals?

I would like to drive change and impact. Alan Kay once said “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” I believe in this principle at my core and have experienced the vital role innovation plays in the lifeline of great companies through my previous experiences working at Ogilvy & Mather with clients like Nestle, IBM and PAREXEL.

MMM has allowed me to not just learn skills and approaches to innovation but apply them in the field. The amount of hands on immersive client work is very unique and allowed me to apply academic theory in the real world, helping me to create my own business style and perspective.

What excites you the most about the MMM program?

There is no common student profile or path through MMM and therefore, the program enables a customized path right for me while providing a diversity of students for me to learn from. The MMM students themselves are the best part of MMM, fostering a supportive community who are always challenging me to the best student, business leader and person I can be.

What stands out about the MMM program?

Graduate school is a choice. Its a choice to sacrifice 2 years of professional ascent, dedicating that time to learning new skills and developing yourself as a leader for the future. MMM is uniquely focused on the future of business problems and solutions. Its multidisciplinary approach, high element of field work and adapting curriculum allow me to be ready for whatever the future holds.

Application Deadlines

Round 1

September 14, 2022

Round 2

January 10, 2023

Round 3

April 5, 2023