MMM Student Ian Booth

“The MMM program has reignited my passion for learning and my desire to solve the challenges of the future.”

What made you decide to join the MMM Program?

I decided to join the MMM program because it is a very unique educational offering where I felt I could build on my engineering experience in product design. I didn't just want a pure business education, I wanted to see how the future of products and services were being conceived and how design can be applied to solve business challenges. Regardless of the career I wanted to pursue post-Kellogg, I knew that the classes and experiences of the MMM program would be more valuable than a traditional MBA curriculum.

How is the MMM program helping you reach your goals?

Even though I will be starting as a consultant at Bain & Company after graduation, I anticipate leveraging my MMM degree for the rest of my career. Whether I move closer to design consulting, join a start-up or transition to a strategy role within a corporation I think the experiences and distinction of the MMM program will help me get there.

What excites you the most about the MMM program?

I'm very excited about the new direction of the program and the energy behind bringing new courses and experiences to students in the design space. With all the changes being put in place I wish I could go back to take courses from the new curriculum and continue to learn more about design thinking applications in the business world.

What stands out about the MMM program?

Undoubtedly the greatest part of the MMM program is my classmates. The diversity and strength of everyone in our program makes the classroom, group and extra-curricular experiences at Kellogg that much more valuable. The amount of learning from each other helps us explore new career opportunities, think differently about the world and become stronger team members and leaders.

Application Deadlines

Round 1

September 16, 2020

Round 2

January 6, 2021

Round 3

April 7, 2021