Student Perspectives

MMM Student Lexie Smith

Lexie Smith

“As a MMM, I create and deliver value at the intersection of business, design innovation, and technology”
MMM Student Vikram Raju

Vikram Raju

“The MMM program challenges me to be more dynamic: in thought, in understanding and in action”
MMM Student Kathryn McKinley

Kathryn McKinley

“MMM provides personalized education right for me with academic expertise, robust training, and community support”
MMM Student Michael Chen

Michael Chen

“I just modeled and printed something that I once had to buy”
MMM Student Jess Foley

Jess Foley

“The intersection of social, mobile, marketing, and product is at a tipping point, and many are trying to find the perfect combination of the four to optimize their businesses. As a MMM, I will be prepared to propose a recommendation”
MMM Student Ian Booth

Ian Booth

“The MMM program has reignited my passion for learning and my desire to solve the challenges of the future.”
Tyler Wanke

Tyler Wanke

“Kellogg has the best entrepreneurship program out there because the curriculum actually lets you … build your company while in school.”

Application Deadlines

Round 1

September 16, 2020

Round 2

January 6, 2021

Round 3

April 7, 2021