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The Kellogg team of Matt Weiss '16, Anja Zhao '15, Libby Koerbel '16 and Chris Phillips '16 celebrate after winning the 2015 UCLA Media & Entertainment Case Competition.


2015 UCLA Media & Entertainment Case Competition

Kellogg team wins inaugural case study competition at UCLA

By Eva Saviano

6/12/2015 - For the first time since launching their annual entertainment, sports and technology conference, the UCLA’s Anderson School of Management held a case study competition.

Matt Weiss ’16, Libby Koerbel ’16, Chris Phillips ’16 and Anja Zhao ’15 won the $4,000 First Place prize by creating a strategy to aid event sponsor Paramount Pictures increase shrinking margins due to mobile media consumption and streaming services.

“We wanted to connect the cinema and at-home-viewing experiences,” says Weiss. “The key insight behind our solution was creating a journey centered on the Paramount brand that motivated customers to return to the theater.”

The team and Paramount executives are discussing turning their proposal into an implementable business plan.