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Andrew Youn '06 shared the recent successes of his nonprofit, One Acre Fund, with supporters during a May 5 "town hall meeting" at the Kellogg School.

One Acre founder Youn ’06 reunites with Kellogg supporters

Alum’s nonprofit organization continues its efforts to eradicate hunger in Africa

By Matt Golosinski

5/9/2007 -

Andrew Youn ’06 was among the alumni returning to Kellogg during Reunion Weekend, held May 4-6.

But in addition to reconnecting with the school and some of his peers, Youn had other business in mind too. As founder of the One Acre Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating chronic hunger in Kenya, Youn took the opportunity to hold a “town hall meeting” at Kellogg to let supporters and potential supporters know what One Acre has been accomplishing.

“One Acre Fund strives to report its social impact much like a company reports profits,” said Youn, who conceived of the business plan for the nonprofit while still a student at Kellogg. “So we had a town hall, similar to a corporate earnings call, to communicate with our supporters how things are going.”

Youn reported that One Acre has enjoyed considerable media attention in recent months, including coverage on National Public Radio and Glamour magazine, and has continued strengthening its humanitarian mission with the help of new funding, including a Draper Richards Grant that will bring $300,000 to Youn’s efforts over the next three years. What began in January 2006 as an effort to help about 40 farm families gain the skills and resources to improve and sustain their agricultural efforts now assists 350 farmers.

“We grew 10 times and doubled the farmers’ income,” said Youn. “We are on track to reach our goal of quadrupling farm income for 30,000 families, sustainably, in the next five years.”

One Acre Fund now has 10 board members affiliated with the Kellogg School, as well as 150 monthly Kellogg alumni contributors, said Youn. Many of these supporters attended the town hall meeting.