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Kellogg School global leadership gives boost to Guanghua School’s inaugural advisory council

Dean Emeritus Donald P. Jacobs serves as first chairman for Peking University’s business school, extending longtime Kellogg presence in Asia’s management education arena

11/29/2007 - Strengthening a 10-year partnership that helped establish its global MBA network, the Kellogg School recently helped open in a new chapter for the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. On November 1-3, Dean Emeritus Donald P. Jacobs and Dean Dipak C. Jain joined a group of global business executives, academics and Chinese government officials for the inaugural meeting of the International Advisory Council for the Guanghua School.

The relationship between the two institutions began in 1997 when the Kellogg School hosted a training program through which Guanghua faculty could observe MBA courses on the Evanston campus. Over time, as the schools continued to exchange ideas and best practices, Peking University emerged as one of China’s the top educational institutions, further motivating Guanghua to take steps “to enter the ranks of the great international business schools,” according to Dean Jacobs.

Based on the model of the Kellogg School’s own advisory board and with Dean Jacobs recruiting many of its key U.S. executives, the council is an important next step in Guanghua’s development, providing high-level strategic guidance and engaging a broad cross-section of global leaders.

The council members’ diversity reflects the range of issues that Guanghua intends to address. Of particular importance is ensuring that the curriculum meets the industry needs within the region and globally, to produce graduates with the right skills. In addition to comments by Dean Jacobs and the current and former Guanghua deans, the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission spoke on human resources and financial issues facing the country. Dean Jacobs reported that the first meeting “left everyone feeling inspired by the potential to make an impact on the school, the university and the entire region.”

While Guanghua focuses on enhancing its teaching model and reputation, Dean Jacobs noted that it already has one critical asset: a remarkably talented student body. “The school and the university as a whole is the recipient of the best and the brightest young minds from throughout the country

Guanghua’s rise to prominence also enhances several of the Kellogg School’s long-term strategic objectives with respect to faculty research and teaching. Under its holistic approach to management education and leadership, the Kellogg School has developed four key “pillars,” one of which includes imparting a global perspective on its students. The partnership with Guanghua provides Kellogg faculty and students with a key location from which to collaborate with local scholars, study a fascinating emerging economy and learn firsthand China’s role in the global economy.

Says Dean Jain: “We are looking forward to expanding our relationship and offering joint programs between the two schools in the future. This will help in enhancing the global reputation and visibility of both institutions.”