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Students visited with the CEO of Piaget International, Philippe Leopold-Metzger (KSM '79) on the European GIM trip.

More than 400 Kellogg students and faculty return from global research trips

Global Initiatives in Management course adds new destinations, including Turkey, Dubai and Seoul

By Adrienne Murrill

3/30/2007 - During two weeks in March, faculty and students from the Kellogg School of Management engaged in a rigorous educational and leadership experience outside the classroom as part of the school’s popular Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) program.

A key component of the Kellogg School’s global curriculum, GIM is an intensive course designed by student leaders in conjunction with faculty advisers. Students prepare for two weeks of intensive in-country field research with 10 weeks of classroom study. GIM has been a part of the Kellogg portfolio since 1990, when students organized the course and a two-week trip to the former Soviet Union. Since then, the program has expanded greatly. The GIM experience allows students to gain valuable leadership skills and enhance their awareness of the global business environment, an important aspect of the school’s overall leadership mission.

Laura Bunch, GIM program assistant, said the school increased capacity for the trips this year to boost students’ opportunities to study business around the world. “By both expanding current offerings and also adding two new courses, we were able to create more spots, allowing 60 additional students to participate this year,” she said.

Additions for the 2007 program were a trip to Turkey and Dubai, as well as another excursion in China, with travel to South Korea included. Students from the Kellogg School’s full-time, part-time and executive MBA programs participated in GIM.

“The GIM program was again very successful this year in giving our students opportunities to meet high-level officials and business professionals,” Bunch said. “Our leaders and others in the classes had connections and networks that allowed access to unique opportunities for the students. This access really contributes to students’ enjoyment and learning within the travel portion of the class.”

Students visiting Turkey met with Abdullah Gül, the country’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister, and Turkish politician Ali Babacan ’92, state minister for economy and the country’s chief negotiator in accession talks with the European Union.

Associate Dean Emeritus Edmund Wilson, faculty adviser for the Turkey-Dubai trip, said the experience and the students’ leadership was outstanding. “Each day unfolded with enthusiasm, and every anticipation was fulfilled,” he said.

On the China-Korea trip, students met with U.S. Ambassador to China Clark Randt Jr. and McKinsey & Company’s Greater China Complex Managing Director Andrew Grant. Company visits included Lenovo and Shanghai Volkswagen in China, and Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Automotive in South Korea.

A total of 455 students, faculty members and significant others attended this year’s GIM trips, which included visits to the following locales: China; China-South Korea; South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil); Europe (France, England, Germany, Italy); India; Japan; Southern Africa (South Africa, Zambia, Botswana); Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia); Russia; and Turkey-Dubai.