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Dean Sally Blount ’92 honored Roslyn M. Brock ’99, Ann M. Drake ’84 and Richard H. Lenny ’77

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Kellogg School of Management Welcomes Class of 2007

9/1/2005 - The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University welcomed its incoming full-time MBA class by introducing them to life at the Kellogg School with the Conceptual Issues in Management (CIM) pre-term program. During pre-term, students jumped into the rigorous Kellogg classroom by taking the required, full-credit “Leadership in Organizations” course which prepares the first-year students for decision making and effective team building.

“The students in the class of 2007 are quite remarkable,” said Beth Flye, assistant dean and director of admissions. “They come from a multitude of industries and have a diverse range of interests. Not only do they have impressive professional backgrounds, they also have actively serviced their communities and have made positive impacts both inside and outside of the office.”

Of the 629 members of the Class of 2007, 31 percent are women, 24 percent represent minorities and non-U.S. citizens represent 27 percent of the full-time class. On average, the students have a GMAT score of 701, are 28 years old, and have 5.2 years of work experience.

The Class of 2007 represents an impressive array of talent, which includes:
  • A Peace Corp teacher in Zimbabwe
  • A professional basketball player in France
  • An employee of the House of Commons in London
  • A special operative team member that helped rescue Pfc. Jessica Lynch in Iraq
  • A chemist for the United States Food and Drug Administration
  • A lead singer in a Christian rock band
  • A writer for Fantasy Sports
  • A personal certifier of all Tomahawk missile staff and warships on the western coast of the United States
  • A non-profit employee who secured a two million dollar sponsorship from Starbucks for the organization she was working for
There are 482 students in the Two-Year MBA program, 73 students in the One-Year MBA program, 52 students in the Master of Management and Manufacturing (MMM) program and 24 students in the JD-MBA program.

The MMM program is a joint-degree program offered in conjunction with Northwestern University 's McCormick School of Engineering. Students in this program earn a Master of Engineering Management-Master of Business Administration (MEM-MBA). The JD-MBA program is offered in conjunction with Northwestern University School of Law and is a three-year program that focuses on both law and business.

The Managers' Program (TMP), the part-time MBA program designed for the working professional, welcomed approximately 130 new students this fall. The students are employed by over 90 different Chicago-area organizations and have an average of 6.2 years of work experience. Thirty percent of the incoming students are female, 13 percent are international and 23 percent are minorities.

Social Enterprise at Kellogg
This fall the Kellogg School launched Social Enterprise at Kellogg (SEEK), a new integrated curriculum. The SEEK program is designed for students who aspire to lead and successfully manage a wide variety of global organizations and diverse group of stakeholders under the principles of good management and in the service of social development and change.

The skills learned by students majoring in SEEK will enable them to pursue positions in a wide variety of careers including traditional corporate management, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, consulting and others. The education received in the distinct SEEK courses provides an understanding of the concerns and issues of a diverse constituency, the values-based approach to management underscored at the Kellogg School, key public policy issues and specific nuances of managing in a nonprofit or governmental setting. This new major will replace and integrate the Business and its Social Environment (BASE) major and the Public/Nonprofit Management major.

About the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University was founded in 1908 and is home to a renowned research-based faculty and MBA students from more than 50 countries. The Kellogg School includes the Full-time, Part-time and Executive MBA programs and the non-degreed Executive Education Program. The school offers three joint degree programs: the JD-MBA, MD-MBA and MEM-MBA. Additionally, the Kellogg School of Management has alliances with business schools in Europe, Asia and Canada . The Kellogg School has been ranked the number one graduate school of business in the United States by BusinessWeek a record five times since the biennial survey began in 1988.