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Oh Be Joyful Sings Praises of Faculty and Staff

6/8/2002 -

The annual Oh Be Joyful awards dinner was held June 8, 2002, and brought the entire Kellogg community together to take stock of their efforts over the previous year.

Below is a complete list of the faculty and staff honored at the event:

I. Promotions

A. Faculty

James D. Dana, Jr. promoted to tenured Associate Professor of Management & Strategy

Janice C. Eberly promoted to Professor of Finance

Sonia Marciano promoted to Clinical Associate Professor of Management and Strategy

Constantinos N. Skiadis promoted to Professor of Finance

B. Staff

Katie Dell promoted to Assistant Director of Technology and Planning,     Executive Masters Program

Bernadette Dogiakos promoted to Associate Director of Finance and Planning, Executive Masters Program

Sara Dwyer promoted to Assistant to Dean Jain, Kellogg Administration

Julie Cisek Jones promoted to Director of Admissions and Planning, Executive Masters Program

Marge Kaffenberger promoted to Department Assistant of Health Industry Management Program.

Megan Byrne Krueger promoted to Director of Student Affairs, The Managers Program

Fran Brasfield Langewisch promoted to Director, Full-time MBA Program: Student Life and Experiences

Patricia Ledesma promoted to Senior Research Associate, Research Computing Group of Kellogg Information Systems

James Lequar promoted to Senior Information Technology Specialist, Student Computing Group of Kellogg Information Systems

Sally Luczak promoted to Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Kellogg Administration

Theresa Parker promoted to Assistant Dean and Director of Finance and Planning, Kellogg Administration

Jodi Piippo promoted to Assistant To Associate Dean Magee, Kellogg Administration

Daniel Rebac promoted to Senior Information Technology Specialist, Student Computing Group, Kellogg Information Systems

Michelle Rogers promoted to Director, Full-time MBA Program: Student Academic Affairs

Suzanne Strickler promoted to Assistant Director of Corporate Relations, Development

Michael Sztapka promoted to Department Assistant of Admissions

Brian Voelker promoted to Web Editor, Communications

Melinda Cervantes promoted to Director of Corporate Relations, Development

C. Other

William R. Breen became Professor Emeritus of Finance

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II.  Service

A. Faculty

Department Chairs:
Sunil Chopra, Ronald Dye, Paul Hirsch, Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Sergio Rebelo and Mark Satterthwaite

Program Chairs and Associate Deans:
Kenneth Bardach, David Besanko, Sunil Chopra, Aaron Gellman, Cathy Grimsted, Donald Haider, Wallace Hopp, Mort Kamien, Erica Kantor, John Lavine, Alicia Löffler, Vennie Lyons, Thomas Lys, Robert Magee, Mohan Sawhney, Joel Shalowitz, Daniel Spulber and Ed Wilson

Personnel Committee:
Greg Carpenter, David Dranove, Michael Fishman, Thomas Lys, Leigh Thompson, Rakesh Vohra, Alexander Chernev and Michael Mazzeo

Years of service on the Kellogg faculty:

15 years: Dawn Iacobucci, Dipak Jain and Joel Shalowitz

25 years: Edward Hughes, Stuart Meyer and Robert Neuschel

30 years: Mark Satterthwaite and Brian Sternthal

35 years: Haskel Benishay and Stanley Reiter

40 years: Thomas Prince

45 years: Donald Jacobs

B. Staff

5 Years: Ruth Anderson, Carol Clark, Monica Galvan, Deborah Garcia, David Gent, Janet Kang, Kathrine Mott, Ilam Nikho and Margie Osadnik

15 Years: Lolotte Olkowski

30 Years: Vennie Lyons and Edmund Wilson

Staff Service Recognition:
Mariellen Gibson

Staff Employee of the Year Nominees:
Bonnie Lee                 Nominee
Georgette Pliml          Nominee
Julie Israel                 Finalist

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III. Teaching

A. Chairs’ Core Course Teaching Awards

Ronald Dye, Julie Hennessy, Michael Mazzeo, Adriano Rampini, Karl Schmedders, Brian Uzzi and Jan Van Mieghem

B. Sidney J. Levy Teaching Awards

Sudhakar Deshmukh, David Dranove, Robert Kozinets, Thomas Lys & Peter Barack, Robert McDonald, Victoria Medvec, Artur Raviv, Kathryn Spier and Sevin Yeltekin

C. Executive Master's Program Outstanding Professor Awards

EMP 49:
Art Raviv (core)
Steve Rogers (electives)

EMP 50:
Janice Eberly (core)
Sergio Rebelo (electives)

EMP 51:
David Messick (core)
Sid Deshmukh (electives)

D. Lawrence G. Lavengood Professor of the Year Finalists

Scott McKeon, Sergio Rebelo, Steve Rogers, Scott Schaefer and Karl Schmedders

E.  Lawrence G. Lavengood Professor of the Year

Karl Schmedders

F.  Alumni Reunion Outstanding Professor Award

Dipak Jain

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IV.  Research & Honors

A. External Recognition

Torben Andersen became Associate Editor of Econometric Theory

Philip Bond was awarded a fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University

Sunil Chopra’s book Supply Chain Management was voted book of the year by the Institute for Industrial Engineers

Dawn Iacobucci became editor of Journal of Consumer Research

Ravi Jaganathan became Director for the American Finance Association
and President of the Society for Financial Studies

Philip Kotler received the 2002 Academy of Marketing Science Distinguished Marketing Educator Award

Robert McDonald became co-editor of the Review of Financial Studies

Keith Murnigan was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Management

Robert Neuschel was elected to the Executive Board of the American Legion  and elected Director For Life of the Traffic Club of Chicago

Brian Uzzi was awarded the 2001 Richard W. Scott Best Paper Prize by the American Sociological Association                      

B. Sponsored Research Grants for 2001-2002

Jeanne Brett, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Adam Galinsky, National Science Foundation

Shane Greenstein, The Searle Fund

Donald Haider, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Donald Jacobs, Joyce Foundation

Dipak Jain, GE Fund

Johannes Moenius, The Searle Fund

Mark Satterthwaite, National Science Foundation

Scott Schaefer, The Searle Fund

Joel Shalowitz, Bureau of Health Professions

C. 2001 Intellectual Output

86 articles, 30 book chapters, 17 cases and 18 books

D. Stanley Reiter Best Paper Award

Timothy Feddersen and Wolfgang Pesendorfer.  Convicting the Innocent: The Inferiority of Unanimous Jury Verdicts under Strategic Voting.  American Political Science Review (Vol. 92, No. 1).

Abstract: It is often suggested that requiring juries to reach a unanimous verdict reduces the probability of convicting an innocent defendant while increasing the probability of acquitting a guilty defendant.  We construct a model that demonstrates how strategic voting by jurors undermines this basic intuition.  We show that the unanimity rule may lead to a high probability of both kinds of error and that the probability of convicting an innocent defendant may actually increase with the size of the jury.  Finally, we demonstrate that a wide variety of voting rules, including simple majority rule, lead to much lower probabilities of both kinds of error.