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Incoming Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Robert Korajczyk (right) joins Kellogg School Dean Dipak C. Jain (center) and Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Faculty and Research Robert Magee at the 2003 'Oh Be Joyful' recognition ceremony. As of Sept. 1, Korajczyk will assume his new role in the Office of the Dean, working with Jain and Magee, and overseeing curriculum and teaching at Kellogg.

Finance scholar joins Kellogg School of Management's Office of the Dean

Prof. Robert Korajczyk to assume Associate Dean of Academic Affairs role Sept. 1

By Matt Golosinski

9/1/2002 -

The Kellogg School of Management's Office of the Dean has announced that Professor Robert Korajczyk will join the school's academic leadership effective Sept. 1.

Korajczyk will fill the role of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Curriculum and Teaching, a position formerly occupied by Professor David Besanko. Korajczyk will join Dean Dipak C. Jain and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Faculty and Research Robert Magee.

Besanko, who is the Alvin J. Huss Distinguished Professor of Management and Strategy, will return to a full-time teaching schedule after serving for the past three years. During his tenure in the dean’s office, Besanko continued to teach, earning extremely high student ratings for his microeconomics and management strategy courses.

"While David was working tirelessly as an associate dean, he still managed to receive a rating of 9.8 out of a possible 10 on his teacher course evaluations," said Dean Jain, adding that Besanko also chaired several task forces and initiatives, including the Curriculum Task Force. Korajczyk served on this task force as well.

Jain noted that Besanko displayed "unselfish dedication" and made a "determined contribution to improving the overall teaching and academic environment" at the Kellogg School.

Regarding his tenure in the Office of the Dean, Besanko said that he wanted to give back to an institution that had given him so much.

“Kellogg has made me what I am today, first as a student and later as a professor,” said Besanko. “Through my three years of service, first as chair of the Dean Search Committee, and then as associate dean for academic affairs, I hope I have been able to repay a small part of the debt I owe this school for the wonderful career opportunities it has provided to me.”

Korajczyk is the Harry G. Guthmann Distinguished Professor of Finance at Kellogg. Since beginning his career at the Kellogg School in 1982, he also has earned numerous awards for his teaching and research. He has taught the core finance course at Kellogg since 1990 and will continue to teach this fall, in addition to assuming his duties in the dean's office.

The finance scholar will bring his leadership and teaching perspectives to his new role.

Korajczyk emphasized the importance of collegiality in his own career and says he values the interaction among his faculty peers. "I have been fortunate to have had, during my formal education, many wonderful professors. I also have wonderful colleagues and students from whom I learn every day," he said.

He cites as common traits among these individuals their "intense desire to be at the forefront of their fields” as well as their “enthusiasm for imparting their knowledge to others."

In his role as associate dean, Korajczyk will work closely with deans Jain and Magee to continue cultivating the unique academic culture at Kellogg.

"Knowledge creation is a crucial element for faculty development and growth and has a long-lasting effect on the quality of instruction," Korajczyk said.

The Office of the Dean at the Kellogg School combines an entrepreneurial spirit with solid leadership foundations to provide both fresh ideas and consistency. The associate dean of academics roles are rotating assignments that harness the thought leadership of faculty from across disciplines.

The Office of the Dean also maintains an "open door" policy and invites the participation and insights of faculty, students and staff to continue the Kellogg School's legacy of academic excellence and leadership.