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Three Ways To Run Your Global Businesses With Startup Agility – 05/15/15
Article quotes Professor Mohan Sawhney on the new Sentient Enterprise capability model he co-developed to help businesses scale their analytic architectures and insights as they continue to grow.

The Economist

How to join the 1% – 05/14/15
Article reviews Professor Lauren Rivera’s new book “Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs,” which discusses the pressing question of maximizing the chances of joining elite professional services firms.

WTTW - Chicago Tonight

Municipal Bankruptcy in Illinois – 05/14/15
Video panel includes Professor Don Haider discussing whether Chicago should declare bankruptcy as its financial challenges grow in light of its credit downgrade to junk status by Moody’s Investors Service, and what this would mean for the city.

Chicago Tribune

Obama still hasn't picked Chicago – 05/13/15
Article quotes Professor Bobby Calder on how Chicago remains a mystery to foreign tourists and is still with the image of Al Capone, even in 2015.

Main Street

Testosterone and Investing: Should You Change Your Financial Plans Around Date Night? – 05/13/15
Article quotes Professor Paola Sapienza on her research findings that men are risk takers when it comes to money, and says the real issue isn’t gender but testosterone, which influences just about every decision we make when it comes to money and our careers.


How companies motivate employees when there are no promotions to hand out – 05/12/15
Article quotes Professor Jin Li on how the chance of promotion is a boon for employees and an incentive to keep them loyal to an employer, and a lack of opportunity will drive talented workers elsewhere.

Wall Street Journal

With Manhattan Luxury Property Hitting Highs, Some Fear Air Is Getting Thin – 05/12/15
Article quotes Professor Charlie Nathanson on how there is little information getting into the real estate market, which creates a problem when no one knows what housing demand really is, resulting in “an overshooting” as companies build more than the market can bear.

Minding The Campus

Why Elite Students Get Elite Jobs – 05/11/15
Article reviews Professor Lauren Rivera’s new book “Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs,” which discusses the pressing question of maximizing the chances of joining elite professional services firms.

Business Insider

How to succeed in any banking interview – 05/10/15
Article reviews Professor Lauren Rivera’s new book “Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs,” which discusses the pressing question of maximizing the chances of joining elite professional services firms.


Are You an "O" Type Marketer? – 05/08/15
Article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi on the challenges marketers face when they have an ‘O-dependent’ product - meaning that consumers consult other people’s opinions before buying - in the digital era and how to overcome that challenge by utilizing data sets.

Harvard Business Review

The Technology Trends That Matter to Sales Teams – 05/07/15
Article co-authored by Professor Andris Zoltners identifies top strategic technology trends that have significant implications for sales forces, such as cloud computing and context-rich systems.


How systemic racism entangles all police officers — even black cops – 05/07/15
Articles quotes Professor Adam Waytz on implicit racial bias in the police force and the concept of "deindividuation," which says that people lose their sense of self-awareness while in groups.


The best way to nab your dream job out of college? Be born rich – 05/06/15
Article quotes Professor Lauren Rivera on her research and new book, Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs. According to her research, socioeconomically privileged students tend to get a disproportionate share of elite jobs.


TeradataVoice: 2015: The Year Big Data Becomes Agile? – 05/05/15
Article quotes Professor Mohan Sawhney on the solution to the problem of achieving agility for business using big data - the Sentient Enterprise system that he helped develop. The system combines technology, data and automated decisions to eliminate the obstacles to agility posed by data silos, data drift and the delays that prevent real-time responsiveness.


McDonald's first turnaround steps aren't about food – 05/04/15
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on the major restructuring plan underway at McDonald’s and how the immense size of the company makes any fundamental changes across the board challenging, saying, “there’s not a quick fix here.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

How Matt Moog got gut-punched by Google and still won – 05/02/15
Article quotes Professor Derek Rucker on how consumer reviews have become an integral part of shopping online and in stores, made even easier by technology. “Consumer reviews have always been important because they're viewed as an unbiased source,” Rucker said.


3 reasons every employee needs a mentor – 05/02/15
Article written by Dean Sally Blount discusses why is it important to have a mentor and focuses on three significant contributions a mentorship brings: perspective, realignment, and encouragement.


Get inside a hacker's mind – 05/01/15
Article co-written by Professor Moran Cerf explains the mentality behind a hacker’s mind and the social engineering, human psychology, and art of manipulation that goes on behind a seemingly simple hacking attempt.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago book news: Jeffrey Brown's latest 'Darth Vader' book published – 04/30/15
Article mentions Professor Philip Kotler and introduces his new book “Confronting Capitalism,” in which he explores 14 major problems affecting capitalism and offers tweaks to the financial system that will make capitalism more sustainable.


Building a World-Class Organization Through Values Based Leadership – 04/30/15
Article interviews Professor Harry Kraemer on his new book, “Becoming the Best: Build a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based Leadership,” and share his thoughts on leadership. Interview was also mentioned in the Huffington Post.

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