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Huffington Post

How Entrepreneurs Must Reinvent Themselves to Thrive – 08/22/14
Article summarizes Professor Lloyd Shefsky’s advice to entrepreneurs in his book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive. Article also appears on the author’s blog.


A love of zoos may keep SeaWorld afloat – 08/22/14
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that brands that respond to attacks head on have a better chance of escaping the media vortex.

Chicago Tribune

Illinois exchange on 3 additional insurers' radar for 2015 – 08/21/14
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that plans like the ones that IlliniCare will offer "are going to play heavily at the low end of the market, and frankly, that's where most people have been buying plans nationwide.”

Poets & Quants

Battle Of The B-School Ice Buckets – 08/21/14

Article reports on b-schools that have participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Duke challenged Wharton, and Columbia plans to challenge Kellogg, Harvard and Stanford.

Poets & Quants

Battle Of The B-School Ice Buckets – 08/21/14

Updated article now includes Kellogg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which features the senior leadership team and a montage of individual student videos.  Kellogg was challenged by Columbia Business School.

Upstart Business Journal

What do famous entrepreneurs have in common? Author Lloyd Shefsky has a theory – 08/21/14
Article reports on what Professor Lloyd Shefsky has learned from interviewing entrepreneurs. Shefsky said that the ability to ignore critics, listen to customers and alter as needed is what helps the most successful entrepreneurs thrive.

Harvard Business Review

Fixing a Work Relationship Gone Sour – 08/20/14
Quotes Professor Brian Uzzi, who said, “Most people just lower their expectations because it’s easier than dealing with the real issues at hand.”

Business Insider

Why Harvard Business School's Application Is Much More Informal This Year – 08/20/14

Article reports that HBS’s application uses a conversational tone to get applicants to follow instructions carefully and lower their guards.  Also mentions Columbia’s 75-character word limit and Kellogg’s video responses.

Lifestyle Radio Network

Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who talks about the need for businesses to continuously reinvent themselves in order to thrive. Segment starts at 5:15.

Business Insider

People Who Work In Tech Say These Are The 10 Best Business Schools In The World – 08/19/14

Article reports that professionals in the tech industry consider Stanford the best business school, followed by Harvard, MIT, Wharton, Booth and Kellogg.

Daily Herald

Ice Bucket Challenge heats up fundraising in the suburbs – 08/19/14
Quotes Liz Livingston Howard, Kellogg’s director of nonprofit executive education, who said that the Ice Bucket Challenge creates “a dialogue that gets people to ask questions.”

Huffington Post

Millennial Recruitment and Impact Investing – 08/19/14

Article lists b-schools that offer courses on social enterprise, impact investing or sustainability, including HBS, Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, Stern, Stanford, Columbia and Ross. Also mentions Kellogg’s Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

Poets & Quants

Which Schools Produce the Highest Returns? – 08/19/14

Article reports on Financial Times' ranking of B-schools by their return on investment, comparing average costs with average salaries. Top-ranked schools ranked low by this measure due to higher tuition. Kellogg ranked 92, compared with its overall FT ranking of 15.

EY Family Business Blog

A grave matter for family businesses – 08/18/14
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky explores the potential consequences of family business leaders who try to continue controlling the company after they’ve left it.


Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about being your own boss.


Gary Fencik: A 'hit-man' aims high – 08/14/14

Article profiles former Chicago Bears safety and Kellogg alumnus Gary Fencik, who now works in private equity.  In 1985, Fencik completed his MBA and won the Super Bowl.

The New York Times

Helping Prevent Foreclosures – 08/14/14

Article reports on a study by Professors Brian Melzer and David Matsa that found that the $250 billion paid out in federally funded unemployment benefits helped prevent an estimated 1.4 million foreclosures from July 2008 to December 2012.

The New York Times

For Merchants, Bitcoin Shows More Pop Than Potential – 08/14/14

Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said, “It’s possible they’re using their association with Bitcoin for different reasons, but clearly, it’s an attention-grabber.”

Fast Company

What To Do When Investors Think You're Crazy – 08/13/14

Excerpt from Invent, Reinvent, Thrive by Professor Lloyd Shefsky encourages entrepreneurs to turn to potential future customers and industry leaders when experts don’t believe a business idea will work.


Interview with Professor Joel Shalowitz about the cost of marketing for the Health Insurance Marketplace.