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Extreme Biz Dev with Bernie Brenner

Episode 26 – 09/04/14
Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about how businesses should adapt through all stages of success.


It's Official: Networking Makes People Feel Sleazy – 09/04/14
Article cites research by Professor Maryam Kouchaki that found that “instrumental networking in pursuit of professional goals can impinge on an individual's moral purity.”


What's the Matter With Overthinking? – 09/04/14
Article reports on research by Professor Derek Rucker that found that thoughtful thinking was rewarded when there was a difficult decision to be made and penalized when there was an easy one.

Boston Globe

Full of ideas, Don Berwick looks for traction – 09/03/14
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said that Berwick didn’t invent anything per se, but he highlighted the need for management techniques in the highly complex medical field.

The Wall Street Journal

Health Spending Grew 3.6% in 2013, Projections Show – 09/03/14
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said that while the economy is showing signs of renewed strength, the hangover effect from the 2007-09 recession has likely continued to curb medical spending.


How to Succeed by Simplifying Everything – 09/02/14

Q&A with Professor Mohan Sawhney, who said, “The moment you spread yourself too thin, you invite competition from the flanks. If you want to broaden your revenues, narrow your markets.”

EY Family Business Blog

Family businesses letting go – 09/01/14
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky argues that a founder’s “control from the grave” can be positive, such as ensuring the staff will respect the incoming leader’s authority.

Huffington Post

8 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Feel More Confident (Even When You're Not) – 09/01/14

Article cites a Kellogg study that found that listening to bass-heavy music makes people feel more confident.  Also cites another Kellogg study that found that those who wore white doctor coats, clothing associated with intelligence, performed better on the experiment's test than those who did not.

The New York Times

What Happens When Health Plans Compete – 09/01/14
Article cites research by Professor Leemore Dafny that found that if United Healthcare, the nation’s largest insurer, had participated in exchanges, premiums would have been 5.4 percent lower.

Wallet Hub

2014′s Best and Worst Cities for First-Time Home Buyers – 09/01/14
Quotes Lecturer Jacques Gordon, who said that first-time home buyers should consider financial stability of local government, quality of schools and stability of local population when choosing a neighborhood.

Wealth Magazine

The Making of an Entrepreneur – 09/01/14
Quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who said, “Being an entrepreneur is like a relay race. You might get it to a certain point and then hand off the baton. Take pride in priming the next guy for success.”

Chicago Sun-Times

Astellas Pharma starts career improvement program for women – 08/30/14
Quotes Lecturer Karen Cates, who said that if women participate in women advocacy programs because they are seeking high-level positions, they should make sure that the power players support and are a part of the program.

Business Insider Australia

15 Business Schools With The Best Return On Investment – 08/29/14

Article reports on schools with the best “5-year MBA gain,” as ranked by UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.  Stanford ranked first, followed by Booth, Harvard, Wharton and Kellogg.


A Simple Stategy for Controlling Colleagues' Gossip About You – 08/29/14
Article by Professor Karen Cates suggests that leaders clearly state their intentions and share progress to maintain control of their reputations in the office.


15 Essential Strategies for Independent Retailers – 08/28/14
Quotes Professor Antonio Moreno-Garcia, who said that retailers should change stock frequently to give customers a reason to visit the store.

Poets & Quants

The Best Business Schools for Career and Personal Growth – 08/28/14

Article ranks schools based on the Financial Times’ survey results for “Aims Achieved” and “Career Progress.” Stanford ranked first for career growth, with Harvard, Sloan and Kellogg also making the top 25. 


The Paul Miller Show – 08/27/14
Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about his book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive. “Companies really weren’t made to last forever,” Shefsky said. “You have to be prepared to implement the reinvention.”

Chicago Tribune

Why one Chicago company gives employees the same title and salary – 08/26/14
Quotes Professor Keith Murnighan, who said that flat structures often require employees to lead themselves rather than rely on a supervisor, which can result in increased job commitment and better performance.

Crain’s Chicago Business

How to ace the new trend in MBA admissions: Online video essays – 08/25/14

Article reports on Kellogg’s video essay and quotes Assistant Dean of Admissions Kate Smith, who said, “It helps to hear a response rather than read a response. It brings the person to life in the process, to hear their own perspective in dialogue format.”

EY Family Business Blog

The “ghost on the wall” theory of family control – 08/25/14
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky uses Henry Crown and Company as an example of subtle family influence serving the business better than more overt family control. It allows leaders to make their own decisions while still being guided by the family’s legacy.