Kellogg in the News

The Washington Post

Surprise! Donald Trump is wrong about immigrants and crime. – 07/02/15
In this article the Washington Post fact-checked Donald Trump’s controversial statements on Mexican immigrants, finding his claims irrefutably wrong. It cites Professor Jörg Spenkuch’s research saying there is essentially no correlation between immigrants and violent crime.

Chicago Tribune

There’s a reason all your favorite products are always being discontinued – 07/01/15
This article cites research by Professor Eric Anderson on how certain customers systematically purchase new products that prove unsuccessful and their early adoption of a new product is a strong signal that a product will fail.

Hartford Courant

Who Will Benefit From Health Insurance Mergers? Not You, The Consumer – 07/01/15
This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how historically insurance premiums go up after mergers in the health sector.

Harvard Business Review

More Reasons Women Need to Negotiate Their Salaries – 06/29/15
This article by Professor Thomas Lys talks about how when women negotiate salaries they may help solve for gender pay inequalities in the workforce.

The Wall Street Journal

DOJ Girds for Strict Review of Any Health-Insurer Mergers – 06/28/15
This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how insurance companies may not pass on to consumers the benefits of any hospital discounts they achieve from health-insurer consolidation.


Better together? – 06/27/15
Professor Leemore Dafny on how her research shows that consolidation in insurance markets has led to increases in health insurance premiums.

Chicago Tribune

Grateful Dead ticket resale and the death of live music – 06/26/15
This article quotes Professor Maryam Kouchaki on how our understanding of right and wrong is based on emotional decisions rather than rational decisions.

New York Times

Energizing the Green Revolution in Africa – 06/26/15
This article spotlights Kellogg alum Andrew Youn, who co-founded the nonprofit One Acre Fund to assist smallholder farmers in East Africa. The article says organizations like the One Acre Fund, which develop new markets, are vital in transforming agricultural practices.


With Obamacare upheld, health care firms exhale – 06/25/15
This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on insurance companies' hopes that being bigger will help them navigate the new waters of health care

New York Times

Can an Algorithm Hire Better Than a Human? – 06/25/15
This article quotes Professor Lauren Rivera on how relying on demographic characteristics to define “good fit” for a company when hiring employees can lead to discrimination.

Poets & Quants

Class of 2015: The Best Executive MBAs – 06/25/15
This article spotlights the 30 most exceptional EMBA graduates from the Class of 2015 who have differentiated themselves from their peers. It features Kellogg EMBA alum Meera Atkins, whose passion for healthcare led her to open her own medical practice. Also published in Fortune.


Walmart is better than Starbucks at talking about racism – 06/24/15
This article by Professor Tim Calkins compares two different approaches taken by companies in order to address racism. Walmart has received praise for announcing that it would no longer sell items with the Confederate battle flag, while earlier in the year there was a backlash against Starbucks’ initiative to encourage employees to talk about race with customers.

Bloomberg Business

Investors Riding Health Insurer Deal Wave as ETF Flows Swell – 06/23/15
This article quotes Leemore Dafny on how consolidation among insurers has historically led to higher premiums.

Bloomberg Business

Health Insurers Seen in Merger Race to Win Antitrust Approval – 06/23/15
This article quotes Leemore Dafny on how consolidation among insurers has historically led to higher premiums.

Huffington Post

This Kickass Mechanic Is Smashing Stereotypes Surrounding Women And Cars – 06/23/15
This article quotes Professor Meghan Busse and cites her research on how women are often charged more than men when they are uninformed about car repair.


Anthem confident, but experts see antitrust hurdles to Cigna deal – 06/22/15

This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how insurers don’t compete the way they should and premiums are higher than they should be. She says insurance consolidation is unlikely to lead to lower premiums. Professor Dafny’s research and thought leadership on this topic was also published this week in Bloomberg Business (articles one, two and three), The Economist, Marketplace Radio, Minnesota Public Radio, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


Insurance Premiums on ACA Exchanges Could Rise Dramatically Next Year – 06/21/15
This article quotes Professor David Dranove on how requests for large increases in health plans by insurers are not surprising.


How could they? – 06/19/15
Article by Ford Center post-doctoral research fellow Tage Rai explores a new theory for understanding violence.

Associated Press

Brand Tarnished, Cardinals Likely to Avoid Economic Damage – 06/19/15

This article quotes Professor Keith Murnighan on how the Cardinals brand will fare in the face of allegations of hacking into the computer database of an opponent. Article also published in The New York Times, USA Today and the Washington Post.


The Secret To Big Data Analytics Success Comes Down To One Word – 06/19/15
Article says that agility is key to getting an enterprise to the point where it can analyze data and make autonomous decisions at massive scale in real-time. References the “Sentient Enterprise” capability maturity model for analytics that Professor Mohan Sawhney helped to develop.