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Chicago Tribune

Mariano's first ever executive chef has big plans – 10/19/15
Quotes Professor David Matsa, who said that when Wal-Mart expanded nationally as a grocery retailer, in the 1990s and early 2000s, traditional grocery stores had to adapt in response.

Chicago Tribune

As world waits for update, health of United, its CEO intertwined – 10/19/15
Quotes Professor Nicholas Pearce, who said that United's upcoming decision, with stymied information regarding the CEO's hospitalization, will be a dicey one involving the balance of his privacy and need for public disclosure of information, as well as choosing an interim successor.


Weight Watchers soars after Oprah buys in – 10/19/15
Professor Craig Garthwaite appeared on “Squawk on the Street” to discuss how the power of the Oprah brand factors into Oprah’s new Weight Watchers endorsement. He also discussed this topic in an Associated Press article, which was republished in Business Insider, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and Chicago Tribune.


The world is still sexist, and Jennifer Lawrence is proof – 10/18/15
Article by Professor Nicholas Pearce argues that when women opt to stay silent, it makes the women who choose to speak up appear that much more anomalous, given society’s persistent fear of female leaders. Mentions Pearce’s research with Professor Susan Perkins.

Business Insider

A psychology professor thinks that what makes us happy at work is the same thing that makes us happy in relationships – 10/17/15
Article reports on Professor Eli Finkel's research on how marriage principles, such as writing about conflicts from a neutral perspective, could also sustain a more satisfied workforce.


How the One Acre Fund became a $50M social enterprise – 10/16/15
How the One Acre Fund has grown exponentially in less than 10 years

Kellogg Insight

Five Ways to Attract and Retain Data Scientists – 10/15/15
Article cites Professor Eric Leininger’s research on how companies need data scientist to not only make the data usable, but also to help people across the company understand and use it, which isn’t an easy task. His research also talks about how directly contributing to the business can help analytics talent thrive.


The $18 trillion problem the Democrats missed during the debate – 10/14/15
Article by Professor Nicola Persico argues that the democratic debate failed to expose the candidates’ thinking on the issue of government debt and revenue sources. The candidates were not required to provide a realistic vision for the economic role of government in America.

Fast Company

The New Rules of Corporate Communications – 10/13/15
Article mentions that a pilot program by the Public Relations Society of America aiming to educate emerging business leaders about reputation management is now being conducted at Kellogg and four other b-schools.

The Atlantic

Who Pays Hospital Bills When Patients Can't? – 10/13/15
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said that a "floor-and-trade" system would mean that "we can increase the charity care provided to people falling through the cracks of the ACA in the most efficient way possible. It is also important to note that unlike a cap and trade policy this does not create industry wide cost, but instead shifts resources across hospitals.”

Harvard Business Review

How to Make Networking at Conferences Feel Less Icky – 10/12/15
Article reports on a study by Professor Maryam Kouchaki that found that professional networking, but not personal networking, makes people feel not only anxious or inauthentic but also physically dirty.


VW messed up, but the emissions scandal won't turn off customers – 10/09/15
Article by Professor Julie Hennessy says that despite weeks of negative press for Volkswagen, her research shows that consumers don’t necessarily have a negative opinion of the brand


VW messed up, but the emissions scandal won't turn off customers – 10/09/15
Article by Professor Julie Hennessy reports on a Kellogg survey that found that despite weeks of negative press for Volkswagen, nearly 50 percent of U.S. consumers have a positive or very positive impression of VW.


3 Ways to Boost Workplace Happiness Using Romance Research – 10/09/15
Article reports on Professor Eli Finkel's relationship research and how it could apply in workplace settings.


Winning Isn't Everything – 10/09/15
Quotes Professor Thomas Hubbard, who said that the Toronto Blue Jays are "the sleeping giant" in Major League Baseball, because they have one of the largest potential customer bases.


The B-To-B CMO: The Time Has Come – 10/07/15
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott reports that 35 percent of Fortune 500 B2B companies now have a corporate-level CMO and previews the CMO Charter, developed with Professor Mohan Sawhney, which is a framework to bring clarity and structure to this rapidly evolving role

Kellogg News

Kellogg hosts inaugural Chief Diversity Officer Summit – 10/07/15
Kellogg convened more than 140 executives in its first-ever Chief Diversity Officer Summit, seeking to foster greater collaboration across sectors and promote the professional development of C-suite diversity leaders.

Kellogg News

David Besanko ’82 wins Aspen Faculty Pioneer Award – 10/06/15
Professor David Besanko was awarded the Aspen Faculty Pioneer Award for his course on income inequality.

Business Radio on Sirius XM

The Digital Show – 10/05/15
Professor Antonio Moreno-Garcia was a guest on The Digital Show, where he spoke about omnichannel retail.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Colleges, Corporations Work Together on Inclusion – 10/04/15
This article recaps Kellogg's Chief Diversity Officer Summit, which discussed the "open-talent economy" and creating diverse leadership and environments.