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What Would A U.S.-EU Trade Deal Look Like? – 07/25/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy examines President Trump’s trade discussions to-date with the European Union and examines four possibilities for what a new trade deal might look like.


Why Your Best Sales Person May Be Your Worst Sales Manager – 07/25/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the reasons why a good sales person might not make a good sales manager. Research suggests that the skills required to be a good sales person aren’t the same as those required to be a good sales manager, meaning that the tendency of companies to promote their highest sales people is actually detrimental.

U.S. Senate & House of Representatives

Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans – 07/25/18
Webcast includes testimony from Professor James Naughton in front of a congressional committee regarding the current multiemployer pension plans crisis.

Harvard Business Review

A Study of Thousands of Dropbox Projects Reveals How Successful Teams Collaborate – 07/24/18
Article discusses the research of Professors Brian Uzzi and Adam Pah to discuss how effectively teams use technology such as Dropbox to collaborate and share ideas. They studied the interactions of university research teams on Dropbox and used them to discover the best practices for virtual collaboration.

From Papa John's to Facebook: What should you do after a CEO screws up? – 07/23/18
Article examines what you should do when corporate leadership of a brand you like behaves in an unacceptable way, quoting Professor Brayden King on how with politically charged boycotts arising again and again in today's divisive climate, it can be hard for any movement against a company to retain staying power.


What Does Trump Really Want On Trade? It’s Time To Take Him Literally – 07/23/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses Trump’s claims that he is pushing for freer trade when “all the evidence points in the opposite direction”. In fact, the outward illusion and reality are very different, and the public needs to take Trump literally when he describes what he wants and intends for trade. Professor Levy was also quoted on this topic in U.S. News & World Report and Chicago Tribune.

The New York Times

Venezuela Inflation Could Reach One Million Percent by Year’s End – 07/23/18
Article discusses how Venezuela is facing hyperinflation that is expected to reach a million percent a year by the end of 2018, quoting Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez on how the fund prediction for the country could soon mirror some of history’s worst episodes of inflation.

The Hill

Markets have taken trade conflicts in stride — for now – 07/20/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how if President Donald Trump’s aggressive policy of picking trade fights with allies and adversaries alike is so bad, why are markets taking it in stride? Should we conclude that the policies are tamer than commonly believed? Or is the lesson that markets are overly complacent?


3 questions all aspiring entrepreneurs should ask themselves – 07/19/18
Article is a republication of a Kellogg Insight piece, which highlights research from Professor Justin Craig, who determined three questions people should ask themselves to assess whether they’re ready to start their own business.


Social Media Marketing Is Failing Too Many Interior Designers – 07/18/18
Article explains how despite the lack of measurable success on social media, an overwhelming two-thirds of interior designers say they will focus more on social media next year, which may prove to be a waste of designers’ most limited resource: time, quoting Professor Philip Kotler, “Strategy is indeed about choosing what not to do as well as what to do.”


The Seven Deadly Sins To Avoid When You Interview – 07/18/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the seven deadly sins most commonly committed by interviewers and notes how to interview the right way.

Poets & Quants

100 MBAs To Watch In The Class of 2018 – 07/18/18
Article examines 100 MBAs to watch for in the Class of 2018, featuring Kellogg student Nishant Rastogi.


Culture Matters: How Leadership Enables Toxicity And Makes Way for Mediocrity – 07/16/18
Article discusses toxicity in the workplace, citing research by Professor Dylan Minor which found that roughly one in 20 workers were ultimately fired for toxic behavior.


Amazon Prime Day: A Show Of Marketing Muscle – 07/16/18
Article by Professor Derek Rucker discusses Amazon Prime Day 2018, examining the potential strategic advantages of this marketing endeavor and how and this event has at least three distinct benefits.


With Brexit, President Trump Actually Gets It Right On Trade – 07/14/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how President Trump was correct when he said that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s approach to Brexit would kill the possibility of a trade deal with the United States.


The ‘Hot Streak’ Is Real, But It’s Not About Luck – 07/13/18
Article highlights research from Professor Dashun Wang, which finds that while people might produce their greatest achievement at any stage in a career, their next four or five greatest achievements tend to cluster together. He found that in a sampling of scientists, artists and film directors, about 90 percent experienced such a clustering, lasting about four years for the scientists and five for the artists and the directors, with about a quarter of the subjects having two or three hot streaks.


The Cannabis Branding Battle Ahead – 07/13/18
Article examines the branding battle the cannabis industry will face and includes insights from Professor Phil Kotler and Professor Tim Calkins.

Washington Post

‘Build-A-Bear’ stuffs ‘Pay Your Age’ sale after long sweaty lines, long waits and chaos – 07/13/18
Article explains the pandemonium surrounding the Build-A-Bear “Pay Your Age’ sale, quoting Clinical Professor Tim Calkins on how “Instead of Build-A-Bear being a place of happiness or joy, it became a place of frustration and disappointment…It really is a disaster for Build-A-Bear. You desperately want your brand associated with happy parents and happy kids.” Also covered in the Chicago Tribune.


Promoting Women Leaders: Q&A With Ellen Taaffe – 07/12/18
Article features a Q&A with Clinical Professor Ellen Taaffe, who shares her perspectives on women’s leadership, drawing on both her corporate experience and her current role in academia at Kellogg.

Business Insider

The science behind career 'hot streaks' – 07/12/18
Article discusses the latest research by Professor Dashun Wang, which shows that artistic hot streaks in careers can be the result of high-impact works occurring in sequence. The research was also covered in Wired,The Times, Inverse and Daily Mail.