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Chicago Tribune

Why this Chicago VC thinks entrepreneurs are lazy – 03/17/16
Article by Lecturer Mark Achler discusses his experience as a venture capitalist, emphasizing that entrepreneurs must be better prepared when going into a pitch.

Chicago Tribune

Why the Weight Watchers stumble is about tech, not just Oprah – 03/17/16
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who says, ““Brands that people really feel a connection to are the brands that can run into trouble when you start making changes. It’s a huge issue, and if you’re not careful, it can really damage your brand for the long run.”


Looking to win business? It all boils down to trust – 03/16/16
Article by Professor Kent Grayson talks about the issue of trust in business as well as the Trust Project at Northwestern University, an initiative designed to advance the study and management of trust in business and society.


The One Word Most Americans Use to Describe Bernie Sanders – 03/16/16
Article by Professor Julie Hennessy discusses the results from a survey of potential voters on what they really think about the presidential candidates.


Crowdfunding Is A Female Founder's Best Friend – 03/16/16
Article cites Kellogg research, which found that women outperform men when raising money for their companies through crowdfunding because women have the ability to tell compelling stories and connect at an emotional level.


How Pitbull Could Save America from Donald Trump – 03/15/16
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, "In certain circumstances, celebrities can have a lot of influence, especially when the endorser has a core demographic who would support the same platforms they do when voting."


This Can Be Hillary Clinton's Secret Weapon In Tonight’s Debate – 03/09/16
Article written by Professor Brian Uzzi talks about Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon, “language style matching,” which can enhance trust and believability for the person who speaks second.

Chicago Tribune

How the chief creative officer of Havas conquered Instagram – 03/08/16
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said a creative team stacked with social media naturals could be a competitive advantage.

Chicago Tribune

Shiftgig grows from restaurant job board to staffing the Super Bowl – 03/07/16
Quotes Professor Harry Kraemer, who said Shiftgig appears to be securing its position as a contender in the on-demand world.


If You Don't Have A Chief Risk Officer, Get One – 03/07/16
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin advises any company with a global footprint to have a Chief Risk Officer on its executive team whose job it is to prepare for worst-case scenarios.


Here's How to Avoid a Disastrous Startup Idea – 03/05/16
Article by Professor Linda Darragh urges potential entrepreneurs to evaluate if their motivation is just to escape the corporate world or to solve a problem, challenge or desire.

Chicago Tribune

How women's dislike of competition affects gender pay gap – 03/04/16
Article cites research from Professor Paola Sapienza, who found that women's aversion to competition explains about one-tenth of the gender pay gap among high-ability professionals, not only because women opt for less-aggressive fields but because men may do better when negotiating bonuses.


West Virginia hospital deal in national spotlight – 03/04/16
If new legislation in West Virginia passes, the state could become home to massive hospital monopolies. Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who says, “This legislation is a marker. It’s the start of providers digging in and trying to protect themselves from laws that are designed to protect us, the end consumer.”

Council of Nonprofits

What I've Learned About Leadership – 03/04/16
Brian Pinero shares his experience in Allstate's Greater Good Nonprofit Leaders program at Kellogg.


Get Over Your Awkwardness and Make a Smart Networking Choice – 03/03/16
Article cites networking research from Professor Keith Murnighan, who found that executives don't always make the best choices about which ties to reconnect with. They often chose people with whom they felt comfortable as opposed to those who could offer the most strategic advice.

The Atlantic

The Future of Fraud-Busting – 03/01/16
Quotes Professor Moran Cerf, who said, "The only way to prevent fraud completely is to eliminate humans from the process. They are the weakest link.”


What Apple’s Standoff With the FBI Says About Leadership – 03/01/16
Article by Professor Harry Kraemer discusses how values-based leadership includes taking time to understand the multiple perspectives surrounding any issue. In the case of Apple, it appears CEO Tim Cook is trying to determine the right actions for his company and its customers.


Why Some Super Tuesday Voters Trust Donald Trump – 03/01/16
Article by Professor Kent Grayson discusses how trust is multifaceted and can be broken down into honesty, benevolence and competence. For many voters, the candidate they choose will depend on how much weight the voter places on each dimension of trust.


Outlet center growth signals malls aren't dead – 02/29/16
Article cites a study by Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi, who found that outlet centers can be a means of attracting new customers to brands, and that customers will trade up to the full-price products once they have a more sizable disposable income.

Harvard Business Review

The Two Big Ways Power Transforms a Person – 02/26/16
Article cites research by Professor Derek Rucker, who found that the tendency to behave unethically is power-induced. It may stem from the fact that power lowers inhibitions and produces a higher-than-average self-focus.