Kellogg in the News

The Wall Street Journal

How to Improve Cybersecurity? Just Eliminate the Human Factor – 01/18/16
Article quotes Professor Moran Cerf on how human-IT interactions worsened as technology progressed. “To this day, the weak link in all of the interactions between [humans and IT] systems is the human who is making a mistake,” he said.

Chicago Tribune

Super Bowl advertisers tease viewers before the game even starts – 01/17/16
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on Super Bowl ads and how now the trend is to put together an entire integrated marketing campaign around the advertising.


Big decisions wait for United CEO to recover – 01/16/16
Article quotes Professor Harry Kraemer, who said that the CEO’s “ability to delegate, to make sure everybody knows what needs to get done, is a little more difficult because he wasn't in the job very long.”

Poets & Quants

Is This The Harvard of 2020? – 01/16/16
Article features advice from Rohan Rajiv, a second year MBA at Kellogg, who outlined the process he went through after being admitted.


What's Holding Back Women in Corporate America – 01/15/16
Article by Professor Paola Sapienza references her research on gender and competitiveness. Most women avoid competing against others even if the rewards are big and they are the most qualified candidates to win, research findings say.

The Huffington Post

The Case for Taxing Securities Transactions – 01/15/16
Article by Professor Philip Kotler says that one way for the Federal Government to raise more tax money and do some good in the process is to place a financial transaction tax on the purchase and sale of securities.


Emanuel's Winter of Discontent Chills $3 Billion Bond Plan – 01/14/16
Article quotes Professor Donald Haider on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his leadership thus far, in the midst of the Mayor being under siege from a federal investigation into the misconduct of his police department.

Advertising Age

More Marketers Tasked With Improving Corporate Culture – 01/13/16

AdAge article points to Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit and describes research Egon Zehnder conducted at the 2015 summit.

Chicago Tribune

Weekend funeral for closing of The Alley a sign of the times – 01/13/16
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how storefront operations like The Alley are becoming increasingly more expensive to maintain and can be hurt by their niche offerings.


What You Need to Know About Making Money in 2016 – 01/12/16
Article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi, who said that 2016 will bring new business models aiming to address the challenges of meshing human and machine learning. He calls this category of business model "thought partnerships."


How to Prevent Your New Business From Becoming a Complete Failure – 01/11/16
Article by Professor Linda Darragh argues that the decision to keep pressing ahead or shelve an idea for a new business should be an iterative process of testing and gathering feedback, using metrics to gauge the viability of an idea and the appeal of a solution to customers.


The Real Reason Good Managers Are So Rare – 01/09/16
Article by Dean Sally Blount examines how leaders react to the demands that come with having power. Great leaders become more focused on others and the organization as a whole, rather than more self-focused.


The Secret Behind Donald Trump's Savvy Brand Building – 01/06/16
Article by Professors Tim Calkins and Julie Hennessy points out five branding principles that Donald Trump’s campaign has leveraged successfully.

Harvard Business Review

How More Accessible Information Is Forcing B2B Sales to Adapt – 01/06/16
Article by Professor Emeritus Andris Zoltners explains how information technology and digital channels have allowed buyers to take over many steps of buying that salespeople once cherished as their source of value.


After Chipotle Outbreaks, Will 'Food With Integrity' Still Resonate? – 01/05/16
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “The difficult thing for Chipotle is that, it's not that there was one incident. There have been a number of different incidents. And the problem with that is that it creates an overall perception, and it raises questions about safety." Coverage on this topic also appeared in Chicago Tribune.

The New York Times

Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds – 01/05/16
Article cites a study by Professor David Dranove that found that medical bankruptcy was largely a problem of the uninsured. “But with more people buying less generous health insurance, I think the old evidence might no longer be relevant,” he said.


Africa Has Great Promise, But Beware The Local 'Lions' – 01/04/16
Article is written by Professor Harold Sirkin, who says that multinationals interested in Africa’s growth opportunities may be surprised by the increasing number of indigenous companies that will surely challenge multinationals invading their turf.

Chicago Tribune

Why cheap gas won't necessarily mean lower prices at the store – 12/31/15
Quotes Professor Scott Baker, who said, “Hedging further minimizes the impact of lower gas prices for many firms, which routinely use the futures market to negate the seasonal changes in gas prices, and may benefit from future gas price rises.”

Chicago Tribune

10 tips to jump-start your job hunt before you get lazy – 12/30/15
Quotes Professor Karen Cates, who advises people to find their objective strengths, investigate the market and recast their resumes.

Crain's Chicago Business

Want to end 2015 on a good note? Here's an option with many returns – 12/30/15
Op-ed by Professor Linda Darragh, who writes, “At year-end, as people consider reconciling their charitable donations and review what they give to charities, they also may want to consider investing in a venture or fund that targets social impact.”