Kellogg in the News

The Washington Post

Trump’s ugly speech threatens our ideals and our safety – 05/12/16
Article references Professor Nour Kteily’s research on blatant dehumanization, which found that the dehumanization of Muslims was a strong predictor of support for policies such as carpet bombing in the Middle East and denying visas to Muslims.


Ready to make a risky decision? Your words suggest otherwise – 05/11/16
Article by Professor Brian Uzzi talks about his recent research on whether people’s electronic communications could offer clues about their emotional state and the quality of their decision making.

Huffington Post

How Running (Literally) Everywhere Helps Me Cope With Epilepsy – 05/11/16
Article by Professor Willemien Kets discusses the experience of coping with epilepsy through running.


A Pennsylvania hospital merger fight could be the first of many – 05/11/16
Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny in an article discussing how the FTC recently appealed a federal court ruling to block a merger of two healthcare providers in Pennsylvania.


Weather-Proofing Small Farmers In India – 05/10/16
Article reports on the new startup Kheyti, founded by Kellogg first-year student Saumya, which sells modular greenhouses as a weather-proof way for small farmers in India to grow crops.


You're Not Out of Ideas, You're Just Lazy – 05/10/16
Article features research from Professor Loran Nordgren that suggests we downplay the importance of persistence in creative success.


A Tribe Called Mash-Up – 05/10/16
This podcast features Professor Nour Kteily discussing tribes, belonging, and collective responsibility. Who do we claim as our own, and what do we do when one of our own goes off the rails?


Better boards: What a director's priorities should be – 05/09/16
Article discusses the qualities that make an effective board of directors at a company, quoting Professor Harry Kraemer.

The Street

Will Your Doctor Kill You? – 05/09/16
Article addresses a recent research results that claimed medical errors were the number three leading cause of death in the U.S., and quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz's advice that there's no need to panic because there are steps that can be taken by organized medicine to reduce medical errors, such as putting more emphasis on primary care physicians and thus reducing opportunities for miscommunications through layers of care.​

AT&T Blog

AT&T Kicks Off Aspire Accelerator With 6 Leading Ed-Tech Startups – 05/08/16
AT&T announces the six education startups they are working for their Aspire Accelerator Program, part of a commitment to help students succeed in school. Included is The Graide Network, founded by Kellogg student Blair Pircon, which connects teachers with on-demand teaching assistants to provide feedback on student work.

The New York Times

What Do Consumers Want? Look at Their Selfies – 05/07/16
Article discusses a Chicago-based company called Pay Your Selfie, which uses social media “selfies” to gather consumer insights. Quotes Professor Aparna Labroo on how the option of privacy provided by this app suggests a greater possibility for authenticity in insights.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Can this e-commerce startup challenge Amazon in Chicago? – 05/06/16
Article discusses an online tech retailer coming to Chicago that promises to deliver products in less than four hours, quoting Professor Julie Hennessy on the types of consumers that will be attracted to this business model.

Huffington Post

Why Hillary Clinton Is Uniquely Suited To Take On Donald Trump – 05/06/16
Article discusses the challenges in changing voters’ perceptions of Hillary Clinton, quoting Professor Tim Calkins.

We See Genius

Terra Limpa: Forging An Angolan Agricultural Uprising – 05/05/16
Article features the work of USC Marshall School of Business student team Terra Limpa, who won the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge with their business plan to help revitalize Angolan agriculture. The Challenge stemmed from Kellogg Professor David Chen’s observation that students show a lot of passion and creativity when challenged to use their finance education to change the world.

Poets & Quants

Kellogg MBA Launches 'Smart' Greenhouse Venture In India – 05/05/16
Article features a social impact startup founded by a current Kellogg student. Kheyti is a one-year-old startup in Hyderabad, India, that sells modular greenhouses to small farmers who have .2 to 2 hectares of land.

Boston Globe

Class Warfare at 30,000 Feet – 05/04/16
Article reports on Professor Efraim Benmelech’s research, which found that Islamic State recruitment success is positively correlated with homogeneity in a society.


China Plans A New 'Silk Road' As Americans Pull Back – 05/03/16
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin talks about how China is using its economic power to build what amounts to a new “Silk Road.”


Study says health care pricing tools aren't driving down costs – 05/03/16
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who says that few people shop for lower health insurance prices because plans lacked the right financial incentives.

Associated Press

Study: 7 of 10 most profitable US hospitals are nonprofits – 05/02/16
Article reports on new data saying that seven of the 10 most profitable U.S. hospitals are nonprofits. According to Professor Craig Garthwaite, the new study may put more public pressure on hospitals to help lower the growth of health care spending. Article also published in Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Crain's Chicago Business, The New York Times and Business Insider.


Suffering From Professional Envy? Here's How To Turn It Around – 05/02/16
Article quotes Professor Leigh Thompson on strategies for overcoming the worst outcomes of jealousy.