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Why Some Super Tuesday Voters Trust Donald Trump – 03/01/16
Article by Professor Kent Grayson discusses how trust is multifaceted and can be broken down into honesty, benevolence and competence. For many voters, the candidate they choose will depend on how much weight the voter places on each dimension of trust.


Outlet center growth signals malls aren't dead – 02/29/16
Article cites a study by Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi, who found that outlet centers can be a means of attracting new customers to brands, and that customers will trade up to the full-price products once they have a more sizable disposable income.

Harvard Business Review

The Two Big Ways Power Transforms a Person – 02/26/16
Article cites research by Professor Derek Rucker, who found that the tendency to behave unethically is power-induced. It may stem from the fact that power lowers inhibitions and produces a higher-than-average self-focus.

Health Affairs Blog

The Business of Healthcare: MBA Programs that Best Prepare Students to Tackle a Challenging Industry – 02/24/16
Article by Professors Leemore Dafny and Christopher Ody reports on their research that found no evidence of greater product innovation in more concentrated insurance markets.

Health Affairs Blog

New Health Care Symposium: No Evidence That Insurance Market Consolidation Leads To Greater Innovation – 02/24/16
Article by Professors Leemore Dafny and Christopher Ody reports on their research that found no evidence of greater product innovation in more concentrated insurance markets.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Leaders Get Free Management Training at Northwestern U – 02/18/16
Article profiles the Allstate Foundation’s Greater Good Nonprofit Leaders Program, which includes nine months of in-person instruction at Kellogg, one-on-one executive coaching, and $5,000 in discretionary money for complementary professional development purposes.


Brick-And-Mortar Crumbling? Don’t Believe It – 02/18/16
Article written by Professor Harold Sirkin asserts that brick-and-mortar stores are not guaranteed to die. Ultimately, success will be determined by the customer experience and which format can deliver on that service.

Huffington Post

Happy to Help: Research Shows How Caregiver Happiness Is Critical as More Children Affected by Autism – 02/16/16
Article co-written by Professor Aparna Labroo reports on her research, which found that people who are feeling happy think more abstractly and connect better with others.

The Wall Street Journal

New Drug Ads Tout Serious Conditions, Costly Treatments – 02/16/16
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “Direct-to-patient marketing really grew up promoting drugs that had very broad patient populations. Now that is all shifting and we’re seeing ads run for very specialized products.”

Chicago Tribune

Moral symbols can ward off evil bosses, study says – 02/15/16
Article features research from Professor Maryam Kouchaki about how moral symbols can keep employees from getting pulled into an employer's dishonest business practices and can even discourage the employees' superiors from engaging in nefarious acts.

Harvard Business Review

Help Your Salespeople Spend Time on the Right Things – 02/15/16
Article co-written by Professor Emertius Andris Zoltners poses six questions that can help companies trace the probable cause of any sales effort misallocation back to the sales force decisions and programs that can bring about improvement.

The State Journal-Register

Independent physicians are a rare breed in Springfield, nation – 02/13/16
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said, "It’s becoming increasingly impossible to be independent. Young physicians are not interested in going out alone anymore.”

Financial Times

Practitioners and professors must unite – 02/12/16
Video interview features Dean Sally Blount, who says that in order to keep up with the rapid changes in the business world, business schools must combine the work of practitioners and professors to create relevant teaching.

Super Lawyers

An Easy Act to Follow – 02/11/16
Article profiles Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who segued from being a full-time lawyer to being a consultant, educator, adviser, author and occasional partner to entrepreneurs around the globe.

The Guardian

'What if?': Why we can't get enough of counterfactual shows – 02/11/16
Quotes Professor Neal Roese, who said, "If you want to convince someone of something, phrasing it as a counterfactual is powerful, because these counterfactuals have a way of fascinating us."


Can Chipotle make a comeback after outbreaks? Food safety experts weigh in – 02/10/16
Article reports that more of Chipotle's food will be prepared at central facilities. Quotes Professor Russell Walker, who said, "Even avocados would not be cut on site. They'll be blanched and sent to stores in packages. That probably does help with cross-contamination issues."


Professor Joel Shalowitz is interviewed – 02/09/16
Professor Joel Shalowitz is interviewed about why an increasing number of people in Illinois are getting health insurance coverage.

Huffington Post

How Clothing Choices Affect and Reflect Your Self-Image – 02/05/16
Article references Kellogg School research about the concept of “enclothed cognition,” which means that one’s style and clothing choices reflect and affect mood, health, and overall confidence.

Bloomberg View

Sanders Has a Point: What Good Are Private Insurers? – 02/04/16
Article cites research by Professor Leemore Dafny that suggests the typical American with employer-sponsored (and employer-selected) insurance would be willing to give up 16 percent of her employer’s subsidy for coverage in return for the chance to use the subsidy toward a plan of her choosing. Also appeared in Chicago Tribune.


What Does a Model Breastfeeding Twins Have to Do with Working Out? – 02/04/16
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on the effectiveness of the new Equinox Fitness ads, which include images that address gender and sexuality. “It’s one thing to spark a discussion but it’s another thing to connect it to your brand and have it to be to your benefit. There’s not much of a direct link between breastfeeding in public and going to Equinox,” he said.