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The Science of Regret (and What it All Means) – 06/16/16
Article reports on the various existing research on regret and what it all means. Professor Neal Roese is quoted, saying why regret can be useful in decision making.

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The Best One-Year MBA Programs In The U.S. – 06/15/16
Article features perspective from Associate Dean of MBA Operations Matt Merrick and 1Y MBA student Tara Chang about the student experience in Kellogg’s 1Y program. “We offer the Kellogg experience which starts with our focus on the customer, gets students to work in a collaborative environment, and engages students inside and outside the classroom at very high levels,” Dean Merrick said.

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The Opening Bell 06-15-16: The Graide Network Makes Teaching Easier – 06/15/16
Article recaps The Opening Bell episode, featuring Blair Pircon, Kellogg graduate and founder of the Graide Network, which connects teachers with teach assistants to grade and provide quality feedback for student work.


McDonald’s Return to Chicago Defies City’s Financial Troubles – 06/14/16
Article quotes Professor Don Haider on McDonald’s shifting its headquarters to Chicago. “They’re following the labor force and they don’t want to be in the cornfields, out of sight and out of mind -- they want to be where the action is,” he said.

Chicago Tribune

Study: Publicizing female CEO appointments comes with a cost – 06/14/16
Article features new research from Professor Ned Smith, which found that companies that named a female CEO – and received ample media attention for their choice – saw their stock prices go down. Yet when the appointments received little press, the phenomenon was reversed.

Washington Post

Inside the hate-filled mind of a mass murderer – 06/14/16
Article cites research from Professors Adam Waytz and Nour Kteily, which showed that the more people are socially connected to a group, the more likely they are to believe others outside the group are less intelligent and even less human.

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The Best & Brightest EMBAs Of The Class Of 2016 – 06/13/16
Article features profiles of EMBA students from across the globe with diverse backgrounds and experiences, including a profile of Kellogg EMBA student Mike Vaca about his experience in the Kellogg-HKUST program.


Why In-N-Out Burger And Google Have More In Common Than You Think – 06/07/16
Article quotes Dean DeBiase, adjunct lecturer, about why Salesforce can keep growing because it makes its stakeholders better off.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Chicago home prices: 2003 redux – 06/02/16
Article quotes Professor Brian Melzer on how Chicago’s current home prices are at the same level as they were in 2003. When home values are rising, homeowners feel more confident about their financial strength even if they don't tap the equity via loans, he said.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Walgreens needed to break with Theranos yesterday – 06/01/16
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on the partnership between Walgreens and Theranos. "Trust is so important in anything related to health care," he said, adding that "this problem isn't going to destroy Walgreens' brand, but it is going to chip away at positive perceptions," as long as bad news out of Theranos continues to grab headlines.


Susan Cain, the world’s leading introvert expert, on how to thrive in an open-office world – 06/01/16
Article talks about how to navigate an open office space and cites Kellogg research on the importance of meeting in person.


Reshoring Has Slowed But Hasn't Stopped – 05/31/16
Article by Adjunct Professor Harold Sirkin says that the reshoring trend will continue in the U.S. – particularly among textile, bicycle and furniture manufacturers.


Growth Guru's Inside Scoop On McDonald's Turnaround – 05/27/16
Article quotes Adjunct Lecturer Dean DeBiase on the strategy behind McDonald's recently doubled revenue growth rate, which propelled its earnings up 35% and its stock to an all-time high.

Kellogg MBA Student Blog

Why I’m grateful to be a Kellogg Youn Impact Scholar – 05/26/16
Kellogg second-year Jamie Lu writes what she is most grateful for as a Youn Impact Scholar - part of an elite group of Kellogg students and alumni who have been recognized for their involvement in and passion for social impact.


This One Thing Gives Women The Edge In Crowdfunding – 05/25/16
Article discusses Kellogg research, which says that women are better at telling stories that resonate with potential crowd funding investors.


Practice 'Creative Destruction' To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of It – 05/23/16
Article by Adjunct Professor Harold Sirkin argues that creative destruction should be internalized and used by executives to prepare their companies and employees for the challenges of the future.


Health Insurer Deals Face Market Review That Felled Past Tie-Ups – 05/23/16
Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who says that health insurers offering commercial policies and coverage under the Medicare Advantage program have become more dominant as their market shares have increased.


Growth Guru Likes Facebook, Microsoft – 05/23/16
Article cites Professor Mohan Sawhney’s research on growth and how not all growth is good. Bad growth — such as that caused by subprime lending or acquisitions that add needlessly to a company’s complexity — produces short-term revenue growth but longer-term collapse

Harvard Business Review

Great Salespeople Are Born, but Great Salesforces Are Made – 05/20/16
Article by Professor Andris Zoltners describes the priority factors that make strong salesforces: strategy, organization, talent, execution, support, and improvement and adaptation.

The Washington Post

We’re really good at forgetting all the terrible things we’ve done – 05/20/16
Article cites Professor Maryam Kouchaki’s research, which explores corporate cheating and how faulty human memory helps to explain repeated dishonesty.