Kellogg in the News

Financial Times

Start-ups in Chicago find that focus on B2B clients pays off – 12/15/16
Article quotes Professor Linda Darragh on the topic of startups in Chicago, saying the diversity of Chicago’s economy — in which no industry accounts for more than about 15 per cent of city GDP — is a leading driver.


Drinking beer is saving lives in Russia – 12/15/16
Article highlights recent research by Professor Lorenz Kueng, who found that the decades-old government restrictions inadvertently taught some consumers to permanently prefer light alcohol over hard alcohol. This change, along with subsequent changes in the alcohol market following the collapse of the Soviet Union, increased male life expectancy today and is projected to continue to do so in the future.

The Washington Post

The shipping industry is poised for massive upheaval. Can FedEx weather the storm? – 12/15/16
Article discusses challenges faced by the shipping industry, quoting Professor Russell Walker on how drone delivery will be the future of what we experience as consumers.

Poets & Quants

Why High Ranking Matters In High School — And Beyond – 12/14/16
Article features the research of Professor Jörg Spenkuch, which examines how a student at the top of his or her class in a less competitive school might be average, or even below average, after transferring to a more competitive school.


What the Breitbart-Kellogg Feud Says About the Next Era of American Politics​ – 12/13/16
Article by Professor Brayden King discusses Kellogg Co.’s decision to pull all advertising from the right-wing website Breitbart, and Breitbart’s response in calling for a boycott of Kellogg’s products. “When orchestrated by a political machine, boycotts are a divisive and manipulative tool that can lead to a clear abuse of power,” he wrote.


The 1 Book You Need to Keep on Hand to Make Your Brand Stand Out – 12/12/16
Article cites perspective from Professor Philip Kotler on the topic of branding: "If you are not a brand, you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the low cost producer is the only winner."

Poets & Quants: We See Genius

The Growing Demand For Social Impact Education – 12/12/16
Article by Professor Liz Livingston Howard discusses how universities are rising to the call of more social enterprise education.

The Wall Street Journal

Big Four Accounting Firms Show Fewer Problem Audits​ – 12/12/16
Article reports that the Big Four accounting firms in the U.S. appear to be getting better at avoiding problems with their audit, quoting Professor Daniel Aobdia.


Patek Philippe Celebrates 20 Years of Its Iconic Advertising Campaign – 12/09/16
Article discusses the merits of Patek Philippe’s famed advertising campaign that took the world by storm when it was launched in 1996, quoting Professor Tim Calkins.


A Better Theory to Explain Financial Bubbles – 12/08/16
Article explores another theory to explain financial bubbles, citing research by Professor Charles Nathanson. In their research, people decide how much a house is worth by making a guess about how much people will want to live in the area in the future. If buyers expect local demand to increase, it makes sense to pay more for a house, since the influx of other buyers will then drive up prices.

Financial Times

Over 22? Forget blaming others: success or failure is down to you – 12/08/16
Article discusses the mid-life ‘what-ifs’ about a first-class degree, citing Professor Lauren Rivera’s research on how alumni connections and a prestigious university on a CV can blind recruiters to a graduate’s true ability.


We're Learning To Predict Who Will Have The Greatest Career Impact – 12/08/16
Article by Professor Dashun Wang discusses his research, which found that peak impact can happen at any time in a scientist’s career.

The Jakarta Post

ASEAN told to find innovative solutions – 12/08/16
This year’s seventh annual two-day KIN ASEAN Forum features local and international speakers, including Professor Robert Wolcott, the executive director of KIN Global; Satoru Matsuzaki, the president of Ryohin-Keikaku Co. (Muji); Pertamina COO Ahmad Bambang; and Market Maker CEO Celeny Da Silva.

Harvard Business Review

5 Steps to Help Yourself Recover from a Setback​ – 12/05/16
Article by Professor Neal Roese offers research-backed advice on how to recover from a setback, such as challenging yourself to use counterfactual thinking and formulate detailed alternative scenarios to bridge that gap and ensure you do better the next time around.

Harvard Business Review

Good Bosses Switch Between Two Leadership Styles – 12/05/16
Article by Professor Jon Maner discusses two different leadership styles explored in his research. Dominant leaders mandate a vision while prestige leaders — leaders whose main motivation is to be liked and admired — facilitate their group’s vision.


We Talk About Gender Diversity, But What We Really Mean Is This – 12/02/16
Article quotes Professor Ellen Taaffe on a number of suggestions to enhance the pipeline of women leaders – including formal and informal mentoring programs, ensuring diverse slates of candidates and providing senior-level women a platform to tell their stories.


A Defining Moment Of Trust For Donald Trump​ – 12/02/16
Article written by Professor Harry Kraemer discusses the topic of leadership and how the essence of all leadership is influencing people, and the only way to do that is by earning their trust, and uses Donald Trump as an example.

Financial Times

The next frontier for greater inclusion in financial services – 12/01/16
Article discusses the topic of inclusion in financial services and how networks, temporary teams and two kinds of mentor all help new faces to fit in, quoting Professor Lauren Rivera on how “one of the biggest challenges people from under-represented backgrounds have is fitting in.”

Harvard Business Review

Driving Sales Success This Quarter, This Year, and Beyond​ – 12/01/16
Article by Professor Emeritus Andris Zoltners discusses the topic of achieving a balance between reaching short-term and long-term sales goals, and how it requires anticipating the future consequences of decisions so that actions that boost immediate results don’t hurt performance down the road.

U.S. News & World Report

An MBA Video Essay That Succeeded – 12/01/16
Article discusses the rise in MBA video admissions essays and interviews Melissa Rapp, Director of FT MBA and MSMS Admissions, on how candidates can make a compelling video essay. Article also features an example of a prior video essay from a current Kellogg student.