Kellogg in the News


What Business Leaders Can Learn From Bud Light's Ad on Corn Syrup – 02/15/19
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses what business leaders can learn from Bud Light’s controversial Super Bowl ad centered around corn syrup.

Amazon loaded up on low-risk government bonds last year as investors dumped tech stocks – 02/14/19
Article quotes Professor Daniel Aobdia on why Amazon may have increased its U.S. government and agency securities holdings.

Detroit Free Press

Ford CFO Bob Shanks retiring as company seeks to double profit, sources say – 02/14/19
Article quotes Professor Harry Kraemer on the importance of the Chief Financial Officer to an organization.

Harvard Business Review

Research: Women are winning more scientific prizes, but men still win the most prestigious ones – 02/14/19
Article by Professor Brian Uzzi discusses his research, which found that while women are indeed winning more prizes, they still lag significantly on prize quality: they win fewer prestigious prizes and less money than men, despite comparable quality of work.

Amazon is rapidly expanding its air fleet to handle more of its own shipping, but FedEx isn't worried – 02/13/19
Article quotes Professor Tarek Abdallah about how Amazon regains more control over the speed of deliveries by bringing shipping in-house.

The New York Times

Can Big Science Be Too Big? – 02/13/19
Article cites research by Professor Dashun Wang, whose study found that small teams of researchers do more innovative work than large teams do. This research was also profiled in The Atlantic.

The Wall Street Journal

Six Questions to Ask a Financial Adviser About Fees – 02/13/19
Article quotes KPPI Executive Director Ben Harris, who notes there is little correlation between the percentage of assets advisers charge in fees and the number of services a client will get for fees.

Associated Press

Venezuela’s crisis hits stand-still over emergency aid – 02/11/19
Article quotes Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez about Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido being under pressure to unseat Venezuelan President Maduro. Also published in Chicago Tribune.


The Power Of Selfish And Selfless Purpose-- And Walking To the South Pole – 02/11/19
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses learnings from explorer Robert Swan’s journey to the South Pole. Swan illustrates that he best purposes are both selfish and selfless.


Robots will take jobs from men, the young and minorities – 02/08/19
Article cites research by Professor Hyejin Youn, who examined how the burdens of automation will fall unevenly on different US cities. The analysis also suggested that the uneven progress of automation may accelerate urbanization.


3 Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Next Presentation – 02/07/19
Article by Professor Tim Calkins, outlines three questions to ask yourself before a presentation, once you’ve identified the most important person in the room.

The New York Times

6 Steps to Turn Regret Into Self-Improvement – 02/07/19
Article quotes Professor Neal Roese on his research findings around the topic of regret. “Regret can be a problem, but one benefit of regret is that it signals improvement is possible,” he said. “The trick is to avoid obsessing and pull out a lesson that can be applied in future situations.”

Chicago Tribune

A Chicago pharma company raised the price of its skin gel to $7,968. Now it's bankrupt. – 02/05/19
Professor Craig Garthwaite addresses pharma companies pricing actions and what needs to be in consideration when raising and announcing drug price increases.

Crain’s Chicago Business

FourKites sails into another $50 million – 02/05/19
Article discusses the latest $50M wave of funding for FourKites, a logistics-tech company started in 2013 by Kellogg graduate Mathew Elenjickal. Revenue tripled last year, and headcount more than doubled to 335 employees from 160.


Risk-Taking at a Startup Is a Lot Like Speed Skating, Says This Former Professional Athlete – 02/05/19
Article cites research from Professor Paola Sapienza, who found that women, on average, are more risk-averse than men in financial decision-making. This is associated with differences in career choices.

The Wall Street Journal

Why Older Couples Must Look Beyond Life Expectancy When Planning for Retirement – 02/05/19
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses how extra years of life mean longer retirements--and longer retirements mean retirees need to better plan how to spend-down their assets. For married couples, this assessment becomes especially tricky.


Global Uncertainty Gauge Enters 2019 at Record High Level – 02/04/19
Article quotes Professor Scott Baker on how his piece of research called The Global Uncertainty Index, a measure of unpredictability in 20 countries, reached a record level in December. The U.S., China and Eurozone, which are some of the biggest components in the index, are individually seeing high levels of uncertainty, he said.

Men’s Health

What the Health? A Layman's Guide to the Confusing World of Healthcare Insurance – 02/04/19
Professor Amanda Starc breaks down how to understand health insurance choices and costs.

Northwestern Now

Francesca Cornelli Named Kellogg Dean – 02/01/19
The professor of finance and director of private equity at London Business School will begin her term on August 1.


Bungling The China Deal – 01/31/19
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how the Trump administration’s approach to trade deals with China has managed to put itself in a weak position, while controlling the terms of engagement at every step along the way.