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Nothing: What Will Remain Uniquely Human In An Age Of AI – 02/01/17
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explains how in this century, artificial intelligences will overtake human beings across an ever-widening swath of capabilities. These capabilities will in many cases be integrated into our living systems, facing us with the question: What might remain uniquely human? And does this question even matter?

The Huffington Post

Super Bowl - Ad Week – 02/01/17
Article by Professors Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins discusses how advertisers have come to realize three important points about how Super Bowl advertising has fundamentally changed over the past decade.

The New England Journal of Medicine

Success and Failure in the Insurance Exchanges – 02/01/17
The article about the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) under the Trump administration is co-authored by Professor Craig Garthwaite.


Trump Spoils Pharma Chiefs With No More Bad News on Drug Pricing – 01/31/17
Article discusses Trump’s recent meeting with various heads of pharmaceutical companies, insisting that the drug makers shift manufacturing to the U.S., and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on how moving factories to the U.S. is not going to save money.

Poets & Quants

A Kellogg MBA Creates Real-Time Tracking For A Trillion-Dollar Industry – 01/31/17
Article profiles Kellogg alumnus and entrepreneur Matt Elenjickal, who founded FourKites after graduation. He says his time at Kellogg provided him with “the 3C’s that every entrepreneur is looking for”: capital, connections, and customers, and praises the support of the Zell Fellowship during his time as a student.

Chicago Tribune

Universities advise some students, scholars not to travel abroad – 01/30/17
Article discusses how various colleges and universities throughout the Midwest are urging some students and scholars not to leave the country, quoting Professor Maryam Kouchaki on research which shows that “hearing these messages of inclusion from management, whether it's a university president, a CEO or a school principal, is critical for those affected by Trump's order.”


Beware Of False Claims That Obamacare Repeal Will Kill Thousands Of Americans – 01/30/17
Article cites research by Professor David Dranove, which says that if a regression model does not include all possible factors that might predict mortality, and just one of these omitted factors is correlated with insurance status, then the reported coefficient on insurance status is biased.

Harvard Business Review

Ineffective Sales Leaders Can Cause Lasting Damage – 01/30/17
Article by Professor Andris Zoltners examines how we can recognize the signs of a poor sales leader and the possible damage the person can do — especially when they appear to do some good early on.

Strategy + Business

Why Good Employees Do Bad Things – 01/30/17
From an outside’s perspective, it is often hard to figure out why companies do bad things and how they let themselves get to those controversial places. Maryam Kouchaki, assistant professor at Kellogg, explains how the situation perspective differs once you are inside the organization. Kouchaki has focused on this issue throughout her academic career, as she studies the causes of unethical behavior. Kouchaki explains that since people spend so much time at their workplace, their actions at work become intertwined with their identity, which make unethical decisions have significant implications.

U.S. News and World Reports

Dive Into Global Health Issues During Med School – 01/30/17
Since we live in such an interconnected world, diseases and epidemics are no longer confined to certain countries or geographic borders. Thus, medical school students must be well-versed in global health issues. Dr. Joel Shalowitz, professor of preventive medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine, says that understand other nation’s health system is an important skill that also allows you to compare and contrast health systems between other places and your own.

Chicago Tribune

Study Finds Link in School Shootings: Jobless Rate – 01/30/17
Article profiles research from Professor Adam Pah that found one pattern in the seemingly chaotic nature of school shootings: They rise and fall with the jobless rate and other signs of economic uncertainty. Also reported in Huffington Post, Reuters and Quartz.

The Washington Post

Trump says his travel ban will make America safer. Our research shows it will do the exact opposite – 01/30/17
Article by Professor Nour Kteily cites his research, which explains that by dehumanizing minority group members in word and deed, Trump’s rhetoric and policies may promote the very actions that they purport to prevent.

Financial Times

Do the financial benefits of an MBA outweigh the costs? – 01/29/17
Article weighs the time and money put into pursuing an MBA against the ultimate rewards of the degree, quoting Chief Innovation Officer Betsy Ziegler on how Kellogg’s accelerated One-Year MBA Program is geared to those who are returning to their companies or going into an industry such as management consultancy.

The Huffington Post

Trump as a Utopian Thinker – 01/28/17
Article by Professor Philip Kotler examines President Trump as a Utopian thinker who views America as a great nation that has fallen on hard times and that has been betrayed by its elites.

Chicago Tribune

In the digital age, why do McDonald's suppliers need to be next door? – 01/27/17
Article discusses how McDonald’s move from the suburbs to the city will affect the company’s they work with, quoting Professor Harry Kraemer on how proximity between the company and its suppliers can make it much easier for the two to work together to resolve any issues that crop up.

Poets & Quants

This Kellogg MBA Is Revolutionizing K-8 Education – 01/27/17
Article features Kellogg alum Sidharth Kakkar’s education start-up, Front Row Education, which is revolutionizing K-8 education with online programming and has seen remarkable growth in the two years since its launch.


3 Ways You May Be Holding Yourself Back From Success – 01/25/17
Article by Dean Sally Blount highlights three lessons she learned along her career path to have a greater impact in the workplace and attain success.

Becker's ASC Review

14 healthcare thought leaders on President Trump's executive order on the ACA – 01/24/17
On Jan. 20, President Trump signed an executive order to lessen the economic burden on the ACA. Fourteen healthcare leaders and professionals weighed in on how they think this will impact the industry. One of these such though leaders was Joel Shalowitz, professor of executive education at Kellogg. "I view the executive order as more of a general policy statement than an instrument of actual change. Congressional action is required to repeal or amend the ACA and the regulations related to it require a statutory comment period. It is a 'shot over the bow' that says the new president is serious about his repeal agenda," Shalowitz said.

Poets & Quants

Poets & Quants’ Top MBA Startups Of 2017 – 01/23/17
Article highlights the publication’s top 100 MBA startups of 2017, noting that Kellogg has doubled its representation of startups year-over-year, from four to eight. Additional coverage on the best business schools for MBA startups, also citing Kellogg, is published here.

The New York Times

Traveling Is Stressful, but Do It With Us, Companies Say – 01/22/17
Article discusses the most recent advertising campaigns for hotel/travel companies, quoting Professor Derek Rucker on how although it might seem counterintuitive, acknowledging negativity can make a brand seem more credible.