Kellogg in the News

Financial Times

How complementary strengths boost team performance – 06/06/17
Article by Professor Dylan Minor discusses his research on how employee talent is configured physically in an office environment has a significant impact on individual and organizational performance.


More Gold in Campus Labs Than In Dorm Rooms – 06/06/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Harold Sirkin explains how the current fascination with student entrepreneurs and dorm-room startups, especially those considered cool, is another very old theme of getting rich quick and hitting the jackpot, and that if if you’re looking for gold on America’s college campuses, you’d be well advised to hang around the faculty lounge.

New York Times

Public-Private Projects Where the Public Pays and Pays – 06/06/17
Article examines the pros and cons of public-private partnerships, quoting Professor David Besanko on these types of projects can cost the public in the end through road tolls or government payments to contractors. “Taxpayers or users are going to need to pay for private infrastructure just as they need to pay for public infrastructure.” David’s quote was published in the The New York Times a second time here.

Poets & Quants

What Female Deans Want MBA Women In The Class of 2017 To Know – 06/06/17
Article shares advice for graduating female MBAs from various leading business school deans, including advice from Dean Sally Blount on how recent female graduates can make their mark in the business world.


“They’re not even people”: why Eric Trump’s dehumanizing language matters – 06/06/17
Article explains how Eric Trump’s recent language is plainly dehumanizing, and such language — historically and psychologically — is dangerous. Article quotes Professor Adam Waytz on how it has become clear that “it’s extremely easy to turn down someone’s ability to see someone else in their full humanity.”


Why Bill Maher’s use of the n-word finally crossed the line – 06/06/17
Article discusses Bill Maher’s long politically incorrect history, citing research from Professor Nour Kteily on how different ethnic groups were ranked based on how evolved participants perceived them to be; among the set of groups provided, Muslims ranked the lowest.


Latin America's Constitution Problem – 06/05/17
Article explains how the contract between citizens and their government shouldn't be treated like an Etch A Sketch, quoting Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez on how few Latin American countries have true national constitutions. “"Latin America doesn't have elections, only revolutions…New leaders want to imprint their image on their nations, throw out the ancient regime and recreate things in their own image.”


The One Thing That Makes Investors Run the Other Way – 06/05/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Mark Achler explains how entrepreneurs can go about building their businesses, reflecting on various lessons he learned after several decades of starting, scaling, and managing businesses.

Poets & Quants For Execs

The Best & Brightest EMBAs: Class of 2017 – 06/05/17
Article highlights the work and accomplishments of some of the best and brightest EMBA graduates of 2017, determined by Poets & Quants. Kellogg EMBA students Oliver Jarrett and Jeffrey Brunton were both recognized in the list.


Trump's Oily Trade Deficit – 06/04/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Phil Levy delves into the data and details of what happened during the three weeks of the January-April deficit expansion that occurred while under President Donald Trump’s watch.


The Number One Reason You Should Quit Your Job – 06/03/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Mark Achler discusses five things to consider when thinking about leaving your job, including career advancement, passion, bad manager and values.

Mission 4 Media

Mr. Marketing – 06/02/17
Article discusses how both Professor Phil Kotler and Professor Emeritus Sidney Levy worked together at Kellogg to bring groundbreaking concepts to light. While Kotler published his theories in textbooks, Levy’s 1959 paper was the first to say that marketing sells symbols, not just merchandise. The two professors became fast friends as a result of their shared love for marketing. While Levy retired in 1991 he continues to visit Professor Kotler’s classes from time to time. By questioning each other’s ideas, they were able to cultivate revolutionary ideas that came to life in Kellogg classrooms.

American Marketing Association

The Friendship that Changed Marketing Forever – 06/01/17
Profile of Professor Phil Kotler and Professor Emeritus Sid Levy, who have been friends, colleagues and pioneers in marketing and branding for 55 years.

Chicago Tribune

Passage of Illinois minimum wage bill generates worker optimism, employer anxiety – 06/01/17
Article discusses how the Illinois Senate approved a bill on Wednesday that would gradually raise Illinois’ minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next five years, raising hope among low-wage workers but causing concern for businesses. Professor Scott Baker said that spreading the increase out over five years would help ease the impact of the wage increase.

Chicago Tribune

Student babysitting service wins at business pitch – 06/01/17
Article describes last week’s Business Incubator Pitch night at Lake Forest High School, emceed by Adjunct Lecturer Dean DeBiase. The event was the culmination of a yearlong honors business class for juniors; 16 proposed businesses presented to a board of businesspeople that selected four proposals that might make valuable businesses. A service that allows parents to find babysitters online won $17,500.


Speed Limits On Trade Talks – 05/31/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the obstacles that the Trump administration will face in future trade talks.


5 Reasons Amazon Should Keep Opening Brick-and-Mortar Stores – 05/31/17
Article by Professor Alexander Chernev discusses five reasons why physical stores may benefit Amazon, in light of the company’s seventh physical store opening in New York City last week. He reasons that brick-and-mortar stores allow opportunities for content discovery, content promotion, device showcases, Amazon Prime promotion, and brand building.

Chicago Tribune

Kyle Schwarber’s slump may also ding his brands – 05/30/17
Article examines how the Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber’s slump this season is negatively impacting the brand campaigns of his endorsers. “Brands want to align with compelling players. One of the things that makes someone compelling is when they deliver outstanding results. No question a slump does bad things for marketability,” said Professor Tim Calkins.


What Does The U.S. Pay For Trade Deals? – 05/26/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy points out four recent examples demonstrating that reciprocity does not automatically imply concessions against other industries. He notes that it is wrong to conclude that the United States must lose because of reciprocity, as the point of reciprocity is that both countries perceive a gain.


Data-Driven Marketing: The Moneyball Method – 05/26/17
Article provides an in-depth exploration of data-driven marketing, highlighting why it’s important, why companies are hesitant to employ it, and the best way to approach understanding and implementing it. “Organizations that embrace marketing metrics and create a data-driven marketing culture have a competitive advantage that result sin significantly better financial performance than that of their competitors,” said Adjunct Professor Mark Jeffery.​