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Hedge-Fund Danger Alert as Canada Prepares for Retail Investors – 07/09/17
Article explores the possibility of Canadian regulators loosening the rules of hedge-fund participation, quoting Professor David Stowell on his perspective on retail investors investing in hedge funds.


Why A US-UK Trade Quickie Is Very Unlikely – 07/09/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy explores four reasons why he believes a trade deal with the UK is unlikely to occur in the near future.

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The Biggest Surprises Awaiting You At Business School – 07/09/17
Article discusses students’ biggest surprises upon entering b-school, including a quote from Kellogg student Adam Maddock who became involved in various clubs, group projects and networking events outside of his curriculum.


Getting More Women into the C-Suite Means Keeping Them in the Talent Pipeline – 07/08/17
Article by Dean Sally Blount discusses the lack of women enrollment in business school and how to support more women throughout their careers.


The Coming Cryptocurrency Crash — And Why It's A Good Thing – 07/07/17
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explores the fascination with cryptocurrencies, and how despite the negative effects the crash of cryptocurrency schemes will have, the long-term impact will be positive.


How The World Is Trying To Tame Trump On Trade – 07/07/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how countries are responding to the United State’s new position on trade negotiations.

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Harry Kraemer: From Fortune 500 CEO To A Favorite Kellogg Professor – 07/07/17
Article features a Q&A with Professor Harry Kraemer and describes how his experience in business contributes to his teaching style and his beliefs on values-based leadership.


The World Doesn’t Mooch Off of U.S. Health-Care Research – 07/06/17
Article argues that economists should look at current and past health care programs to create a mutually beneficial solution for both the people and the government. Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the impact of drug innovation in the United States on the rest of the world.


How Expanding Generic Drugs Can Add to America’s Health Care Woes – 07/06/17
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses how expanding the generic drug market could reduce the cost of health care for Americans across the country.

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Business School Deans Confess Their ‘Favorite’ Mistakes – 07/03/17
Article discusses the routes Business School Deans took throughout their careers and highlights perspective from Dean Sally Blount, who became a business manager for a small architecture and design boutique before beginning business school.

USA Today

Who pays when someone without insurance shows up in the ER? – 07/03/17
Article explores the consequences of an uninsured individual receiving treatment in the ER under the Obama care replacement plan and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite.


More Apprenticeships Could Narrow The Skills Gap – 07/02/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Harold Sirkin highlights the contrast between the abundance of job opportunities and the limited number of qualified candidates, and questions how public officials can spend public resources to close this gap.


The Narrow Window For Trade Agreements – 06/30/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses President Trump’s intent to renegotiate trade agreements and notes that various TPA regulations prevent Congress from considering the agreement until mid-July 2018.


I think healthcare is a right. I asked an expert to tell me why I'm wrong – 06/30/17
Article explores the role of free market in healthcare and features an interview with Professor Craig Garthwaite, highlighting his economic expertise and political perspective.

The Washington Post

Why one man’s bizarre attack on the government is reverberating in Caracas – 06/30/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez discusses how Venezuela has been gripped by a wave of protest, including both opposition-orchestrated demonstrations and spontaneous acts of violent rioting. The economy has ground to a virtual halt amid rampant shortages of food, medicine and necessities. Yet with the Venezuelan President continuing to demonize the opposition, there seems to be no clear way out.

The Economist

America’s urban-rural divides – 06/29/17
Article explains how mutual incomprehension between urban and rural America can border on malice, highlighting research and an experiment conducted by Professor Lauren Rivera on how people who include listening to country music among their pastimes are much less likely to get called for interview at elite white-collar firms than those who say they like sailing.

The New York Times

There’s Only One Grocery Store in Most Rural Areas. Should We Expect Two Health Insurers? – 06/29/17
Article discusses the Republican perspective on issues with the Affordable Care Act and highlights insights from Professor Craig Garthwaite on the effects of the act on the lives of rural Americans.

The New York Times

The Republicans’ Uncertainty Strategy – 06/29/17
Article by Professor Craig Garthwaite expresses his belief that the Republican attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act has detrimental consequences for private companies’ perception of the US government’s reliability. Also covered in The Washington Post.


While my son battles leukemia, the health care system is under assault – 06/27/17
Article features insights from Professor Craig Garthwaite concerning the Republican proposal, which he believes will have no positive effect on the health system in America.

Huffington Post

Should Government Put a Tax on ‘Sin’ Products and Services? – 06/27/17
Article by Professor Philip Kotler discusses tax on sin products and how the government – whether in a city, state, or nation – might be encouraged to ban, tax, or “scandalize” them to reduce their consumption. The issue is if, when and how should governments undertake to reduce the consumption of these ‘sin’ products and services.