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To recruit new grads, the US Army is adopting millennial-friendly hiring techniques – 08/16/17
Article originally appeared in Kellogg Insight and features perspective from Kellogg’s former U.S. Army Chief of Staff Senior Fellow, Col. Robert Carr. Article discusses how the U.S. Army handles the challenge of attracting and managing a broad swath of millennials.


Radio Flyer And The Benefits Of Doing What You Love – 08/14/17
Article written by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle explores the benefits of following one’s passion and zeal while building a business. Three lessons to take away are: do what you love, establish a purpose and stick to it, and embrace beauty in design.


New Study Highlights Strong Link Between Basic Research And Inventions – 08/14/17
Radio segment explains that with time research that once seemed abstract can turn out to be practical, highlighting recent research conducted by Professor Ben Jones that uncovered a strong link between basic research and inventions that can be brought to market. This research was also featured in The Conversation.

The Wall Street Journal

Investment in Heart Disease Treatments Slips in First Half – 08/14/17
Article takes a look at venture investment for heart-disease treatments, noting that first-half investment this year has been sizably less than previous years. However, many corporations still see opportunity in heart disease. Adjunct Lecturer Evan Norton mentions that “treatment of cardiovascular disease is a large and diverse market with huge opportunity for growth.”

Wall Street Journal

How Corporate Leaders Overstate and Mismanage the Threat of Disruption – 08/13/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Cesare Mainardi says that when we looked into the actual impact of disruption on companies, we found that the fear of disruption is often harsher in its effects than any actual disruption would be.

Wall Street Journal

What the Google Controversy Misses: The Business Diversity – 08/13/17
Article discusses the recent memo written by a Google employee that went viral and launched many discussions about sexism and discrimination in the tech industry. It highlights a Kellogg study on how diverse teams tend to have more disagreement but better outcomes, while homogenous ones are more confident in their abilities but perform worse.

Crain's Chicago Business

Woman- and minority-led small businesses need cash to grow. How to get it – 08/12/17
Article profiles a new grant in which Kellogg will partner with the University of Chicago and JP Morgan Chase to mentor minority-owned and small businesses that employ a "significant portion" of residents from Chicago's 11 lowest-income areas. Quotes Professor Michele Rogers on the importance of the grant.

Poets & Quants

B-School Bulletin: The Age Of Dominant Leaders, Managing Millennials, & More – 08/11/17
Article cites a Kellogg Insight article on research from Professors Jon Maner and Adam Waytz, discussing the links between feeling powerful and feeling connected.

The Conversation

Tracing the links between basic research and real-world applications – 08/10/17
Article by Professor Benjamin Jones discusses how much marketplace innovations are linked to actual scientific research. Because there is a large investment in academic centers, government labs and other facilities, there is an ongoing debate over the value of basic research and the practical application of it.

The Economist

Mistrust in America could sink the economy – 08/10/17
Article discusses that although mistrust is at an all time high in America, the business market is not doing badly. However, research from Professor Paola Sapienza shows that pairs of countries, such as Britain and France, whose populations say they distrust each other, have less bilateral trade and investment.

The Wall Street Journal

How to Survive a Jerk at Work – 08/10/17
Article discusses techniques to make work easier if you are dealing with rude or abusive colleagues and bosses, citing Professor Dylan Minor’s research on toxic behavior and its tendency to be contagious in a work environment. “If a toxic worker sits near you, your chances of behaving in a toxic way rises by one and a half times.”

Financial Times

AI creeps into the work of MBA careers advisers – 08/09/17
Article explains how many tech start-ups are selling their services to campus career departments to help students find jobs. Kellogg alumnus Kiran Pande co-founded Vmock, a platform that uses analytics and artificial intelligence to help MBA students write more effective resumes.

USA Today

You will get chipped - eventually – 08/09/17
Article discusses the potential that employers could microchip their employees, in the aftermath of a Wisconsin firm embedding microchips into their employees last week. Corporations will face a huge issue of trust, and workers need to be assured the chips are healthy, can’t be hacked, and private, according to Professor Kent Grayson. “You’ve got to have a lot of trust to put one of those in your body.”


Why Dunkin’ Donuts Is Dropping the ‘Donuts’ – 08/08/17
Article by Professor Julie Hennessy discusses Dunkin’ Donuts decision to test drive dropping the ‘donuts’ from a test store in Pasadena, California. The store will only go by Dunkin’ in an attempt to appeal to the healthy consumer.

Wall Street Journal

Use Your Seat to Get Ahead at Work – 08/08/17
Article discusses research done at Northwestern that found by simply sitting next to a high achiever one can improve their own performance by 3% to 16%. Lead author and Kellogg Professor Dylan Minor notes a combination of inspiration and peer pressure most likely cause this increase in drive.


Trump Is Throwing China Off Balance – That May Not Be Good – 08/07/17
Article by Professor Phil Levy discusses how the Trump administration is ever keeping China off balance in regards to trade issues. Levy takes a look at key questions, such as “Are commercial and foreign policy linked or unlinked?” in order to sort out this confusion.

Poets and Quants

New Record GMAT Average At Kellogg – 08/07/17
Article takes a look at Kellogg’s class of 2019 profile, noting that it boasts the highest average GMAT score ever recorded at the school: 732, which is four points higher than last year. Kellogg also maintained its high percentage of women at 42%.

Poets and Quants

100 MBAs To Watch In The Class of 2017 – 08/07/17
Article takes a look at how the a-typical MBA student emerged as the typical in the class of 2017. The 100 MBAs to watch in the class of 2017 included Kellogg graduates Tiffany Smith and Alejandra Rodado. Smith will be working on her own startup Tiltas, while Rodado will be working at Morgan Stanley as an associate in investment banking.


Ford's Mustang Has a Problem: The New Mustang – 08/04/17
Article discusses the sales slump of Ford automobiles, noting that Mustang buyers tend to wait for the launch of the newest model. “The Holy Grail is to do away with releases completely,” said Professor Mohanbir Sawhney. Companies like Tesla have smoothed sales volatility by constantly updating their products remotely, he said.


From Transaction to Value: Using Channel Strategy For Competitive Advantage – 08/04/17
Article by Professor Anne Coughlan discusses companies adjusting their marketing channel strategies in response to changing consumer search and purchase behaviors. Coughlin’s book, A Field Guide to Channel Strategy, which is mentioned throughout the article, shows the benefits of channel partnerships over time such as improving customer loyalty and reducing customer acquisition costs.