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Et Tu, Autos? The Case For National Security Tariffs Is Weak – 05/25/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how Congress has the power to stop the Trump administration from abusing an obscure national security provision of federal law to raise new protectionist barriers. The question is whether it has the inclination.

Chicago Tribune

More women are landing seats on Illinois’ corporate boards, but pace of change is glacial – 05/24/18
Article about the increase of women representation on corporate boards in Illinois mentions Kellogg Dean Sally Blount and how her joining of the Ulta board led the company to reach a 50 percent gender parity on its board.

Crain’s Chicago Business

A low-tech way to help ex-offenders rejoin society – 05/24/18
Article features Kellogg alumna Tiffany Smith, a Zell Fellow who founded the company Tiltas while studying at Kellogg. Tiltas provides a low-tech, low-barrier way to help returning citizens get back on track.


What to Make of the NFL’s New Kneeling Policy – 05/24/18
Video brings on a panel to discuss the recent NFL policy change that owners decided on, which mandates all personnel to stand for the anthem. The panel includes Professor Nicholas Pearce, who said the NFL has the right to declare what happens in their workplace, but they also have the right to be criticized. Professor Pearce’s perspective on the situation can also be seen in Diverse Education.


It's Time To Take The Cult Out Of Culture – 05/23/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses how even though the trade war between the United States and China has been paused, the Trump administration is still faced with the core conflict of whether China should be isolated or integrated with the world economy.

Poets & Quants

Off The 2018 Launchpad: Kellogg’s Hottest MBA Startups – 05/23/18
Article discusses the resources available through Kellogg’s Zell Fellows Program, highlighting several startups in the current cohort: reBlend, BackWave Technologies, Stay.Eat+Drink, Qualtrium and Hilltop Health, as well as successful alumni who have raised funding.


China Trade War Postponed, But Trump Strategy Confusion Continues – 05/21/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how even though the trade war between the United States and China has been paused, the Trump administration is still faced with the core conflict of whether China should be isolated or integrated with the world economy.

Financial Times

Big mergers and tiny factories can each pose problems for workers – 05/21/18
Article about the potential problems big mergers and small factories can pose for workers cites research from Professor Efraim Benmelech, which focuses on the potential consequences both could have on the U.S. labor market.


Rewinding & Rewriting: The Alternate Universes in Our Heads – 05/21/18
Podcast about how counterfactual thinking may give people a sense of agency interviews Professor Neal Roese, who said counterfactual thoughts are generally useful for us in terms of providing a set of options that we might act upon in the future, which can lead to improvement and learning from experience.

The Washington Post

Trump is not the only one who calls opponents ‘animals.’ Democrats and Republicans do it to each other. – 05/21/18
Article delves into how President Trump referring to illegal immigrants as “animals” is actually not as uncommon as one may think, citing research from Professor Nour Kteily on the ubiquity of dehumanization. Professor Kteily’s research was also covered in The Washington Post and The New York Times.


How To Win By Breaking GOOD: The Story Of Schmidt's Naturals – 05/19/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle details the rise of Schmidt’s Naturals, a natural personal care products manufacturer which grew from being headquartered in a kitchen to reporting nearly $50 million in sales.


Donald Trump and the disturbing power of dehumanizing language – 05/18/18
Article discusses the problem with President Trump calling MS-13 street gang members “animals”, quoting Professor Nour Kteily, who explains that this type of language “justifies or even mandates violence.” He feared it also “communicates that message more broadly to the most fervent of the white supremacists who number among the president’s supporters.”

CNN Money

Facebook, Uber, Wells Fargo: The strategy behind 3 corporate apology ads – 05/17/18
Article discusses Facebook, Uber and Wells Fargo’s strategy of telling customers to trust them. Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said these are classic apology ads and that in Facebook’s case, it risks being perceived as insincere.


Want More Women in Tech Jobs? Create A Culture of Flexibility & Entrepreneurship – 05/17/18
Article discusses the importance of creating a workplace environment that caters to an entrepreneurial mindset as well as meets the flexibility needs of women. Cites Dean Sally Blount, who said past data predicts that at least 50 percent of the women graduating from top MBA programs today will exit the full-time US workforce within 10 years of graduating.

Chicago Tribune

Shout Out: Mitchell Petersen of Winnetka, Northwestern Professor – 05/16/18
Article features Professor Mitchell Petersen in a Q&A on his teaching career.


President Trump and ZTE: The Perils of Self-Aggrandizing Trade Policy – 05/16/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy describes the consequences President Trump faces after from his initial rejection of advice from experienced voices at State and USTR.


Live Mas: At Taco Bell, It’s Not Just a Tagline – 05/16/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman interviews Kellogg alumna Liz Williams, president of Taco Bell International and a panelist at Kellogg’s inaugural Global Women’s Summit. Article discusses how Taco Bell puts an emphasis on recruiting a diverse group of employees and the additional benefits the employees bring to the company.


Strong Suit 212: Do the Best Managers ‘Hug & Kick’ Their Staff? – 05/16/18
Podcast by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman interviews author Kim Scott on advice for how to balance caring about your employees and still challenging them.

Chicago Tribune

Aon Center’s planned observation deck, Chicago’s third, could create competition for tourist dollars – 05/15/18
Article discusses the Aon Center’s potential new observation deck atop rivaling the observatories at Willis Tower and the former John Hancock Center. Quotes Professor Craig Furfine, who said a successful observation tower will bring in a lot more revenue per square foot than an office tenant will, even in prime real estate.


Two Illinois Colleges Among Schools with the Most Startup CEOs Who've Raised $1M – 05/14/18
A new analysis from Crunchbase shows the top 20 colleges that produce the most CEOs of startups that have raised more than $1 million in the last year.