Kellogg in the News

Crain’s Chicago Business

What the NRA’s business partners should do – 02/27/18
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses the question of whether businesses should cut ties with the NRA. Calkins said in the article that by maintaining a partnership with the NRA, a company appears to be taking the side of the NRA, which is important to consumers’ perceptions.

Financial Times

How brain science founds its way into business school – 02/27/18
Article highlights how courses on improving productivity, influencing decision-making, and handling stress have found their ways into business schools. Quotes Professor Adam Waytz, who said an ethics course at Kellogg teaches students how neuroscience can influence people or persuade people.


Commerce Dept. Sees Strong Link Between Steel And National Security; Military Doesn’t Seem so Sure – 02/27/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy analyzes the differing opinions of the Department of Commerce and Department of Defense on the importance of steel production for national security.


Congrats on the New Job. Don’t Burn a Bridge by Forgetting to do These 2 Things – 02/27/18
Article cites a recent post by Dean Sally Blount on the importance of the last 90 days at a job for building a strong, lasting legacy.


Bootstrapping in America: Carter Cast of The Right (And Wrong) Stuff – 02/27/18
Program interviews Professor Carter Cast on his career path as well as his recent book about what is truly important for people to succeed.

Poets & Quants

B-School Bulletin – 02/26/18
Bulletin includes republished Kellogg Insight article featuring perspective from Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor Diane Brink on what it takes to transform your firm. The article discusses the importance of continual transformation for the overall success of the company.

The Wall Street Journal

Apple’s China Lesson: Think Different, But Not Too Different – 02/26/18
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins about Apple’s recent concessions to the Chinese government, including shifting customer iCloud data to Chinese mainland servers. Calkins said in the article that Apple is far from the only company to make concessions to China, but its choices are vexing considering the brand tests convention.


Everything is Booming Except for Wages – 02/23/18
Article discusses how even though the economy is booming, inflation has led to negligible increases in wages. The article cites Professor Efraim Benmelech’s research, which states that increased concentration in labor markets and a decrease in the number of employers competing for workers had led to wage suppression.

The Hill

Trump economic report is revisionist history – 02/23/18
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris looks back at how Barack Obama dealt with the struggling economy he inherited, setting up the stable and blossoming economy that President Trump was handed.


Professor Robert Wolcott was featured in two radio broadcasts, discussing the different emerging philosophies regarding who controls our data, as well as the future of automation in jobs.

Harvard Business Review

Difficult People – 02/22/18
Podcast cites Professor Brian Uzzi’s research he published in 2012 for Harvard Business Review discussing the process of turning a rival into a collaborator.

Predictive ROI

Episode 691: How to Recruit Rockstars, with Jeff Hyman – 02/22/18
Podcast with Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the best practices to bringing in top-tier talent for your company. Hyman also talks about how to set the proper salary for rockstars, and the potential opportunities that accompany hiring them.


How Illinois Universities Power the Chicago Startup Ecosystem – 02/20/18
Article delves into the evolution of Chicago as one of the largest cities for startups and tech. Article credits the surge to the increase in STEM majors at Illinois universities, and cites Kellogg as one of the top two MBA programs in the country, serving as a leader in entrepreneurship.


REBBL, And How Magic Can Power Your Brand – 02/20/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses the concept of brand magic through the lens of Sheryl O’Loughlin, who serves as the CEO of the beverage company REBBL.

Poets & Quants

B-School Bulletin – 02/18/18
Article highlights Professor Bobby Calder’s insights on bridging the gap between sales and marketing. The article cites Calder’s findings that digital offerings like webinars and branded blogs, result in more leads and more sales than in-person, content-marketing events.


FDA Opens New Path for Alzheimer’s Therapy as Failures Mount – 02/15/18
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the implications for health insurers and the government that come with an increased pressure to pay for new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Also covered in the Chicago Tribune.

CNN Money

How Taco Bell’s ex-CEO can clean up Chipotle’s mess – 02/15/18
Article quotes Professor Russell Walker on the potential challenges new Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol could face. Walker said Niccol needs to figure out how to get people to spend on a main dish and tack on a side.


Philadelphia makes an economic case for safe injection sites – 02/15/18
Article explains how Philadelphia is inviting private organizations to operate safe injection sites in the city, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on how some sites could need housing and injection services for years, which could wipe out savings. “Even if we don’t save money, but we have fewer people dying, it doesn’t just need to show up in cost savings, it can show up in increased longevity and fewer people passing away.”

The Atlantic

Another School Shooting — But Who’s Counting? – 02/14/18

Article on the recent school shooting tragedy in Florida, mentions Professor Adam Pah and how he created one of the most comprehensive existing databases on school shootings from 1990 to 2013. The article said Pah found a correlation between economic distress and school shootings, specifically with unemployment and foreclosure.


Q&A: Author Jeff Hyman Wants You to Stop Hiring the Wrong People – 02/14/18

Article interviews Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman about the importance of hiring rockstars, even though they may seem too expensive for company budgets.