Kellogg in the News

Wall Street Journal

Deutsche, Barclays Feel the Investment Bank Burn – 10/26/17
Article explains how Barclays PLC and Deutsche Bank AG, the big European banks, have both recently said that trading revenue declined 30% in the third quarter. Professor David Stowell is quoted.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago-area hospitals have merger fever. Is it good for patients? – 10/25/17
Article explains how Chicago-area health systems are joining forces in an effort to improve patient care and lower industry costs; however, according to research and real-life examples this is not always good for consumers’ care and costs. Research shows that when hospitals merge in areas that already have few competitors, prices can increase by more than 20 percent, and Professor Amanda Starc. Professor Starc is also quoted in Politifact.


Peloton, And The Power Of Commercial Spirituality – 10/25/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses the multidimensional home fitness company Peloton, noting that in just five years it looks like “it might be the next $1Billion+ high growth monster.” The corporation’s CEO John Foley attributes spirituality to the successful growth.

The Hill

#MeToo: Sexual assault inflicts dire economic costs as well – 10/25/17
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris takes a look at the #MeToo hashtag spurred by shocking allegations of sexual violence committed by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, noting that sexual assault and domestic violence could pose a real threat to the country’s economic state.


Critique Of NAFTA Provision Highlights Team Trump’s Misconceptions On Investment Abroad – 10/23/17
Article written by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy takes a look at US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer’s decision to take aim at the Investor State Dispute Settlement, which is key legislation to protect multinational companies that invest abroad.

Business Insider

A relationship psychologist reveals what you should ask yourself before getting married – 10/22/17
Video highlights Professor Eli Finkel’s novel “The All-or-Nothing Marriage,” noting that compatibility at a point in a relationship does not guarantee compatibility later in the relationship. He notes that if there is conflict in a partnership, both must deliberately decide to put forth the effort needed to become more compatible.

Chicago Tribune

From Spanish Steps to the new Apple Store, stairs provide spatial drama – 10/22/17
Article takes a look at stairs as the “indelible mark on the art of architecture,” highlighting the Collaboration Plaza’s bleacher stairs at Kellogg’s Global Hub as “a hot spot where future business executives eat, study, talk or type away on their laptops.” Associate Dean Matt Merrick is quoted.

Huffington Post

The Nightmare of Tax Reform – 10/20/17
Article by Professor Phil Kotler explains why the U.S. badly needs serious and comprehensive tax reform but it is not likely to get it.

New York Times

Why We Don’t Vote With Our Wallets – 10/20/17
Article references research underway by Professor Brayden King showing there is no correlation between public commitments to boycotts and subsequent purchasing habits of a brand.

The Hill

Congress is flying blind on tax reform – 10/20/17
Article written by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses the Trump administration and GOP leaders’ plan for rewriting the nation’s tax code, noting that it could have implications in household finances, business incentives, and government revenue—likely measuring in the trillions of dollars.


Unpacking Vision: Three Capabilities Leaders Must Have – 10/19/17
Article by Dean Sally Blount unpacks three core capabilities that are required by visionary leadership. First, one must see potential in individuals; next, one needs to identify the pathways to achieve your vision; lastly, one has to harness the conversations with the human pathways that will help you complete your task.

The New York Times

Bipartisan Health Proposal Is Too Late for 2018, but a Salve for 2019 – 10/19/17
Article discusses that the new bipartisan health proposal, if passed, would send a message to health insurers that it’s safe to stay in the marketplaces, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the matter. “It’s the first signal we’ve seen in a long time to insurers that the government is not going to actively disrupt the market.”

Chicago Tribune

3 housing myths, debunked: Poverty, property values, and gentrification – 10/18/17
Just as the context of gentrification keeps changing and the boundaries of poverty keep shifting, so does our understanding of low-income housing’s impact on its neighbors. Professor Anthony DeFusco explains why the effect of new, affordable housing developments on local home prices is nuanced.


Obamacare premiums were stabilizing. Then Trump happened. – 10/18/17
Article takes a look at Trump’s decision to “halt federal payments to health insurers, known as cost-sharing reductions.” This will make health insurance premiums increase by 41 percent on average, according to UPMC Health Plan in Pennsylvania. Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on one issue of Obamacare: “We have just not done a good job of getting healthier higher income people into the ACA.”


NAFTA Isn’t Dead Yet, But Trump’s Vision of One-On-One Trade Deals May Be – 10/17/17
Article written by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the fourth round of trade talks between the US, Canada, and Mexico, noting that timing issues have postponed final decisions, and Trump prefers bilateral trade talks, not multilateral.


Possible Senate Deal Emerges on Obamacare Subsidies – 10/17/17
Video segment explains the U.S Senate health committee’s agreement on a measure to strengthen insurance company subsidies. This seems to contradict President Trump’s comments that Obamacare is “dead.” Professor Amanda Starc comments on the matter: “You can make a policy argument that some consumers are better off if they can purchase low-cost” insurance plans.

Fast Company

How to Recognize Your Blind Spots Before They Derail Your Career – 10/16/17
Article discusses Professor Carter Cast’s new book, and which details five common areas for blind spots in your career. “From skill gaps to behavioral issues, areas of personal vulnerability can stop you from reaching your potential, and it’s important to identify and correct them,” says Cast.

Financial Times

EMBA students and alumni share their top tips – 10/15/17
Article features students and alumni from top EMBA programs as they share the most important lessons they have learned thus far, highlighting Kellogg EMBA graduate Idara Umoh Nickelson. She notes, “I hold my current position because a Kellogg alumnus contacted the school about an opening at his company. My capabilities and the backing of a successful alumnus helped seal the deal.”


The secret to making better decisions in the future is tracking the ones you make today – 10/15/17
Article examines the benefits of a decision journal, quoting Professor Neal Roese: “People need to revisit the journal regularly in order to recognize the overall patterns, especially in light of the decision outcomes.”


Would Any Foreign Governments Step In to Help Catalonia? – 10/14/17
Would foreign governments or groups help Catalonia to preserve the case to break its 212 billion-euro economy off from Spain? “The UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights both uphold a right to national self-determination in theory,” said Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez.