Kellogg in the News

Fast Company

How to Figure Out if You’re in the Wrong Job – 04/30/18
Article quotes Professor Carter Cast on the importance of identifying aligning your job with your personal motives in determining whether or not your job is a right fit.


Olly, How to Create a Winning Brand, and the Pixies – 04/30/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses the new nutritional supplement brand, Olly, which has already exceeded $100 million in annual revenue. Earle talks with the founder of Olly about the importance of differentiating a brand through its design.


7 Ways Amazon is Winning by Acting ‘Glocally’ in India – 04/30/18
Article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney discusses Amazon’s customer backwards strategy to the competitive e-commerce marketplace in India. Sawhney says the key to Amazon’s strategy is its ability to think globally, but act locally by creating customized local offerings developed for the Indian market.


Commentary: Everyone Loved Bill Cosby. Did his Brands Cover his Crimes? – 04/30/18
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses the brand disconnect presented with the Bill Cosby verdict. Calkins explains how Cosby spent his career building a remarkable brand, making it harder for people to reconcile with the #MeToo claims tied to him.

Chicago Tribune

Renegotiating your pay? A new CEO-to-worker pay ratio could help – 04/27/18
Article cites research from Professor Carola Frydman and Professor Dimitris Papanikolaou, who theorized that the CEO-to-worker pay gap widens during periods of rapid technological innovation. Article also quotes Professor Ben Harris, who notes that workers have been disadvantaged in pay negotiations with employers because most don’t have access to any salary information.


Trump and the Half-Madman Theory of International Negotiations – 04/25/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy explores President Trump’s brash approach to international negotiations, and discusses the problems with the madman theory.


The Most Successful Entrepreneurs are Actually Middle-Aged, Not Young – 04/25/18
Article cites research from Professor Benjamin Jones regarding the ideal age to start a company: about 42 years old.

Business Insider

Dim lighting could influence your desire to buy things — here’s how – 04/24/18
Article cites research from Professor Ping Dong and Professor Aparna Labroo about how dim lighting may influence consumers to buy for pleasure rather than for utility.

The Washington Post

Sorry, millennials. The average age of a successful entrepreneur is a lot older than you think. – 04/24/18
Article cites research from Professor Benjamin Jones showing that the average entrepreneur who has hired at least one employee is actually 42 years old. Further coverage of his research can be seen in Forbes, NPR, Quartz at Work and Quartz.

Poets & Quants

2018 Best 40 Under 40 Professors – 04/23/18
Article highlights the 40 best business school professors under the age of 40, featuring Professor Nour Kteily.

Poets & Quants

B-School Bulletin: How Will Automation Affect Different U.S. Cities? – 04/21/18
Article cites Kellogg Insight research from Professor Hyejin Youn on how cities will be affected by the replacement of their respective human workforces.

Unemployment and financial distress may trigger school shootings – 04/20/18
Article by Professor Adam Pah discusses his recent research which explores the correlation between increased unemployment and rising gun violence at schools.

Huffington Post

The Big New Idea for Reducing Health Care Costs Is Actually Really Old – 04/20/18
Article about California’s new health care committee, which can set legally binding limits on what hospitals and drugmakers can charge, quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said this committee could actually hinder innovation.


What Can Marketers Learn from Tide’s Bid to Own the Super Bowl – 04/19/18
Article by Professor Derek Rucker examines how Tide has already led one of the best marketing campaigns of 2018.


The Window Has Likely Closed For A NAFTA Deal This Year – 04/18/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy examines how the Trump administration seems eager to strike a deal with Mexico and Canada in the next few weeks and explains why the odds are stacked against getting over the finish line during this Congress.

PrivateRates – 04/18/18
Article interviews Professor Neal Roese about the psychology of decision-making behind credit card debt, and how consumers can better manage it.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Thriving in the mid-career years: 3 questions women must answer – 04/17/18
Article by Dean Sally Blount discusses the questions women must answer during their mid-career years as outside-work commitments tend to scale up.


Alexa, Star Trek, Creativity and Extraordinary Brands: A Dialogue with Brian Collins – 04/17/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott features an interview with Brian Collins, a top brand experience designer, about what makes great brands great.


Show Me Your Talent Strategy And I’ll Show You Mine – 04/17/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses the importance of having a talent strategy that connects to your business strategy and to a nurturing culture.

Chicago Tribune

More toll lanes could be coming to Chicago area as highway funds lag – 04/16/18
Article discusses how tolling allows for private financing, but these deals have not always worked out. Quotes Professor David Besanko, who notes that the public needs to watch out how quickly tolls can rise following these toll-road deals.